How much does one save(if any) when they import the car themselves instead of buying locally from the dealer..

Nimekuwa nikizorora pale SBT na beforward nikiuliza quote for random cars, Nissans, Mazdas and Toyotas, but unfortunately ile quote natumiwa Kisha niongeze duty ya KRA, napata Bei Ni sawa tu na ile dealers wanauza tu hapa locally.
This left me with the question to why people decide to import cars instead of buying locally given that they won’t save anything by importing… Sasa venye dealer humake profit, hio Mimi Sasa sijui because hii hesabu imekataana

They import in bulk chief na pia, kama wanajulikana, huwa wanabargain. Whatever they bargain is their profit.
But hang on,
This car will cost you 1m flat to import. A similar one in Kenya is 1.1+

Are you sure what you are saying?

Coz importing a premio will cost you 1.3 mill while here its being sold at 1.6 - 1.7 mill

A mazda cx5 will cost you 1.75mill importing while it will cost you 1.9 - 2mill here

A Nissan Sylphy will cost you 900k to import while locally it will cost you 1.05 - 1.1 mill

I dont get your argument…

and those prices are inclusive of all duties and taxes to your door

If you are a good negotiator it is better to buy locally…, the truth is by importing yourself you only save like 50k, but it comes with risk… if you buy locally you have the opportunity to have a mechanic inspect the car, hakuna stress ya ku-deal na customs and kra, hakuna risk ya gari kugongwa in transit, e.t.c

compromise between the two option is if you go and buy the car in msa from those arabs, hakuna tofauti ya bei vs ku-import and you still get a chance to physically inspect the vehicle at the cost of having to drive it all the way to nairobi

Leta example with links ya sbt pamoja na screenshot ya…

Difference hua kidogo… But at times you catch a break and get a car for cheap in sbt… Shida ni kukaza rasa b4 ifike…

@wheelz hebu tokea kiasi

Importing is cheaper and you don’t get lied to…A friend bought a slyphy locally with 30k kms for 1 mil then came to tell us how he got a good bargain, tukamwambia acheck mileage online akapata it left Japan with 120k kms on the clock and importing it at that time would have costed him around 875k…If you are patient and decide to go the long route with reputable companies like SBT and be-forward who have offices around you can get a good car at cheap prices. Those companies offer insurance and a guarantee of receiving your car as was depicted in the images, they can even handle customs for you for a small fee. I have seen many of the cars being sold locally on SBT and be-forward with their mileage dialed back together with a markup of 200-500k

These Japanese dimwits intentionally inflate prices that are within the import period. Just search for a unit that is like 9+ years since DOM and you’ll notice a YUUUGE difference with one that’s kedo 7 years. Importing will not save you a lot of money.

Unless you are importing a very expensive vehicle, importing a basic car ya kama below 2.5M won’t save you any significant chunk of money. In other words, the juice is not worth the squeeze. You will be better off booking a flight to Mombasa, uzunguke car dealerships mingi and get the best bargain and drive back to Nairobi in your “new” moti.

Dealers will get the cheap high mileage vehicles, clock back the odometer to like 40-50k and sell here at a high price based on the 40k reading. That’s why you may not see the cost difference. That’s how they make their money.

siku hizi wame inflate prices. plus ICF watakwambia ni 200k but ni around 100-150k… just identifty the car you want then send me the link, i will calculate the actual price hadi za port.

Most car dealers in mombasa have their agents in japan and singapore. A car selling at 300k on sbt you cant get it at an auction yard going for 200k or even less.

Kijana labda inataka kuleta Wraith kwa lami ya kenya na munampatia tu advantages za kubuy gari kenya, itoke wapi?[ATTACH=full]309771[/ATTACH]

Cars in Japan have car auction sheet inspection grade. The best cars are grade 4.0 and 4.5. Bulk importers buy grade 3.0 or repaired accident vehicles, that’s how they make profit.

Nice one

Tuache uongo , it depends on a variety of factors which include urgency and budget , kama you need a car fast, just buy local, the higher the budget, the more the savings , even basic cars such as Demio and Note, you save 80-100k , also, you get the actual mileage, you choose the color & mileage you want, unlike the local cars zile zimereversiwa mileage, gari inarusidishwa from 160k to 60k

Check the photos below, it’s an authorized BeForward Agent , They help you with everything for free if import from BeFoward
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I would advice an import you get a clean car from the yard in most dealer tweek odometers on cars inakua na lesser milage. Import itakusave stress,…

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This is the final answer to this thread. People focus on the money youre losing vs saving in importing vs buying local but the important metric is the hassle you’ll inherit by getting a doctored vehicle mombasa kwa yard. The high mileage vehicles with doctored odometers can be had in japan for over 100k less. Toa gari japan grade 4 ama 4.5 and get back to making money si kutafta mech

Upuzi mtupu huu

Quality is the answer, what you buy here is lower grade and if not careful with a tampered odometer. Unanunua gari after 5k km CV joints zinaanza kuwika kwe kwe kwe, buy a car at around 50k km and it will give another 50k km stress free use