How Much Does It Cost To Play Golf?

According to Trump Meter, this guy has spent $79 million of tax payer money playing golf since he became President. A recent report says he’s never broken 90, so he’s just goofing off out there while making the tax payer bleed into his resorts. 79 million dollars!? Does he play with platinum golf balls?

Then he has the audacity to say this:


DT will not enjoy getting investigated by congress. It’s going to be a crazy year 2019 for him

He will also investigate them…its a win win, loss loss!

Na mbona huongei kuhusi ile mshahara alikataa kuchukua!!! Also consider that aspect as well

Golf is for fat white men


Do you play golf Regis?

His salary is the region of 500k a year. Incomparable.

The President gets paid $400,000. In two years, that’s $800,000 (before taxes and we know he doesn’t pay any.)
Next question?

He’s a toothless dog now. He can bark all he wants but he can’t do anything else.

He is a great president…he has managed to do more than what obama did during the same time. Including peace with north korea! Mnamtafutia makosa haiko!

No one can oust Trump.

Sir, you brought up the issue of his salary because you obviously considered it a huge deal. When it turns out that his salary is only 1% compared with what he has cost tax payers while playing golf ( not buying food, or shoes or underwear!), you suddenly revert back to the vague, sagacious politic of “He is a great president…he has managed to do more than what obama did during the same time”. This is rubbish too and I wont bother proving it to you since you’re starting to sound like Sarah Hackabee Sanders.

“Meet you at the ballot”

In 2 years time, Americans will head to the ballot box yet there’s no clear front runner from the Democratic party. Compare with Kenya where we have a good idea who will be gunning for President 4 years from now.

Whoever the Dems pick doesn’t matter because Trump will wipe the floor with them.

That is what Drumpfists are programmed to do. They drone on and on like robots.

By the 2014 midterms the Republicans didn’t have a clear front runner to challenge Hillary Clinton whom almost everyone believed succeeding Obama was a stroll in the park for her until Trump came barging in and threw out the rule book to clinch nomination on the Republican ticket.
2 years is a very long time in politics.

I watched a documentary about Murica secret service where they outlined the costs incurred to protect their president.
Kutoka White House, the three choppers, the beast(s), the huge convoy, to the two Airforce ones… When the airforce one lands. The same charade is repeated until Trump gets to his final destination.
All that costs the American taxpayer $2,500 PER MINUTE.(quater mill ya Kenya per minute)
You do the math. My guess is that most of that $79 mill went into the logistics of protecting the most powerful man in the world na mbogi yake whilst playing golf…

Exhibit 1

Democrats will pick someone who lies on the extreme socialist left to contrast him/herself with Trump. However the plan will backfire because most Democrats are moderate left to middle.

Yes 2 years is a long time. Rand Paul was the first candidate to declare his bid for presidency in April 2015, so if we take the same timeframe, Dems have 5 months to front someone otherwise issa throw. :smiley: