how much do you spend on fuel per month?


I spend 15k on fuel to and from my business per month.

How much do you guys spend?

Thinking of ditching the car for matatus but the thought seems very difficult… Like I’m moving backwards in life.


what distance do you cover per day (round trip)

Gari yako ni CC ngapi kwani? With a 1500cc and living less than 30km from your business huiwezi tumia such a large amount. However, a 2500cc itafikisha hiyo figure na ipite. Most 1500cc cars huconsume 15km/l on average and a 2500cc car kitu 10km/l. Assuming you travel to your workplace daily, and assuming mafuta ni 100 bob (rounded off), you will use 12,000 with a 1500cc car and 18000 with a 2500cc car. I will give you a hint. Most expenses associated with owning a car are not direct costs of the car i.e repairs, insurance and fuel. Chenye humess mtu ni the funny shughuli’s that come up when you have that convenience. Kama saa hii unakaakaa unakumbuka IAAF iko Kasarani unakimbia huko, Two Rivers ikifunguliwa unakimbia huko and you end up shopping etc…all expenses you wouldn’t have incurred without a vehicle


61kms daily (30 to the biashara and 30 back). Rent is 20k for a very good two bedroom where I stay.

Might opt to move closer to town to cut down on fuel costs or buy a motorbike (but I’m scared of dying on the road).


1500 cc I do 60kms daily

Then unatumia 400bob per day roughly on fuel.

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Minimum. If I go to town for an errand or for a meeting it goes up to about 550 per day.

Cost of comfort! Cant be avoided


Okay. Maybe issue is your income. How much does the car contribute to your income? If zero, a car is a luxury, and if you feel the heat, it is a luxury you cant afford. Owning a 1500cc car will cost you almost 40k per month considering all costs even the indirect ones. If you dont have that 40k to finance that car, just sell it. I dont think anyone earning below 150k net should drive a 1500cc car unless the car contributes DIRECTLY to his income.


It contributes a great deal to the income.

I wish we had a reliable transport system, we would all save so much on something as basic as transport

The best option is to sell the car and move close to town from where you can use matatus or when necessary, taxi.

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Define contributing a great deal. Na usitaje convenience unless you are in teaching or consultancy. You said you have a business. If you use the car to ferry goods to the business, that is understandable.

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about 20k pre month…roundtrip home to office = 84km.
but im in the office like twice a week

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In all honesty it only contributes to my side hustles (tenders and real estate - seasonal hustles) but for my core business (retail) I can spend that 400 to go to the shop only to have no sale(s) that day. Or I can sell but it takes 2-3 months to clear my stock. So at times it feels like a waste driving to work only to find that no sales have been made or the margin is small and the fuel eats the profit.

10k per month but it earns me thrice that amount since I load it with foodstuffs that are expensive in the city.


Watu Wa route 11 tuketi wapi?



Sell it, buy a motorbike and you will live happily ever after!

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yangu humanga 1,000 per every 50km.