How much do you pay as rent?

And what percentage is it of your income? If its not too much to ask for those who are still renting and for those who have built…mlikuwa mnalipa ngapi kabla mjipange? and is it a single room, 1 bedroom 2 bedroom…etc?


Last time I paid rent was in December 2013.
I used to about 14k for a 2 bedroom house.

can’t relate, never ever paid rent in my whole entire life

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Because you still live with your parents, you small penised imbecile.

Ningalipo kwa wazazi…


Hehe … kwani wewe nikama @Mzee mzima bado unaishi kwa mdhama

I used to pay 4k for two rooms. Now nko kwa ka bangalo

Unatusi billionaire?

Peasant families detected
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utahama lini?

The highest I used to pay is 18K but it’s been a long journey. I started from a single room for around 1,500 but that’s many years back.
I no longer pay rent.

my rent is 17% of my take home pay.

I pay my rent Ksh1800 Alafu tunachanga ya stima around 300
so I can roughly say my rent is about 2500 juu pia maji nanunua


One bedroom 10k kiambu county

Last I paid was 34k. Roughly 21% of my income.

@The.Black.Templar 15% of your net monthly income if you are employed should ideally be enough to pay for your rent. This has been my guiding principle. However when you are starting out it can go to as much as 40 % of your net. The reason being that you may earn little when starting out but that does not mean you want to stay kule vibandani. You pay slightly more as a percentage of your income and live in a neighbourhood that is not too bad. As time goes by your income grows and you stay put until your ratios are optimum. Its at this point that you can move to a different and better neighborhood.

thanks, that should be ideal. I am just asking because reality often differs. also does location matter, say waiyaki way vs mombasa road, vs thika road, vs ngong road. which is the more expensive location among those?