How much do mharo blogs like Kenyan Daily Post make with all these sponsored adverts


with a bunch of idiots on the internet, ask yourself howmuch

Uliza mod mafeelings. But again mbona anaishi diaspora?

PPC-Pay per view to get more visits.Halafu unatumia iyo kuget doh from kulipisha huyo 1XBET, Odi Bets,
CPV-Cost per view
CPM-Cost per 1000 views ya adsence.(Unalipwa)
CPC-Cost per Click.Hii unalipwa per click etc

Ktalk is the only genuine blog in Kenya. Hizo zingine zote ni mhaaaaaaaro. Yani trooooooooooooooo! Piu!

If you can’t keep up with the Joneses, stay on ya floor. When and if your time time comes,you be Going On Up like the Jeffersons

1XBet once approached me for a different project. They give you a link that you place on your site then every person that registers using your link whenever they loose a bet you get 25% of the amount they lost

u remember how we used to tharau ghafla blog…Ask around uulize how much it’s worth now? They even have ghafla Tv banaa where they interview local celebs .

And the owner mr majani has even bought a house with his shitty blog

and thats why Radio Africa Group started Mpasho. Kuna pesa kwa hizi blogs

ulikubali ?

Hiyo ni mchezo…afaa kunegotiate for a sponsored ad

Nope because it would have ruined my brand which was still growing at that time.

They approached first but I did not agree to the deal…it wasn’t ktalk

I like your approach biz. Unaiwachia watu huko nje unatake a back seat like a real C.E.O. Unapea watu positions na freedom wanakufanyia kazi

Sex stories and shenanigans sell alot. The owner(s) of this together with all their zeal for advertising are probably billionaires by now

Afadhali @Meria Mata and his 3card losers game… That’s conmanship on steroids.
So ukikataa coz you were still growing the brand. Now the brand is grown,how much did you agree to?:D:D

Even the largest media companies in Kenya have their own gossip blogs.

hahaha… wana ubaya. Ebu sema average expectations in $$ for a blog with mixed visitors like this one of yours. Hakuna mtu ako na haja na compe wenye walijaribu tunajua vile kulienda na tena nani anataka kumoderate ngombe kama hizi za hapa?

@Deorro is Kenya talk a blog?:cool: