How much can I make from Google Adsense local traffic?

Hello guys,

I have a Facebook group with 1,000,000+ members. The group is very active and I’m thinking of monetizing the traffic. What I don’t know is if Google Adsense will be of benefit to use.

I have a friend with local website that generates around 500,000 visitors with 1,000,000+ page views per month. He uses Adsense but when I asked him about earnings, he shunned me off.

Can I get that information from anyone that authoritatively has a site monetized via Adsense for local traffic?

My posts generate over 10,000 clicks on links. If I can capture this and turn it into money, it will be great.

Just apply for adsense and test the waters. What niche is your site?

I don’t want to invest before getting that knowledge. Something to do with the job market and employment. The potential theme goes for around $100, then work in adding content will cost a lot of man hours. Getting Adsense will be easy because Google allows you to skip through the rigorous evaluation process for as long as you have quality traffic of over 300,000+ per month.

Best of luck. Mimi nina struggle with keywords and SEO. Kuna site I created about a month ago. Weh zero views. Ku rank an article ni ngumu.

But at least you you have some source of traffic

Let me tell you the truth. A lot of ranking comes from off-site seo. If you spend so much in building the brand, your site will work. Otherwise, SEO watu wengi wako Blackhat mbaya mbovu and it takes time before they get detected. By the time Google notices, you already have a loyal following and all you do is clean up your site and Google will remove the penalty.

I have an audience so before I invest I need to know if there’s money. I want to pump in like 100k and that’s a lot kunyua maji.

Niuzie hiyo group

Uko na ngapi?

Read somewhere that adsense have problems with traffic exclusively from social media.

Of cost, traffic won’t be exclusive in the long run. Once people start to punch in your domain name and use Google to search your website, that will be the ripest time to enable ADS. That’s how websites like and grew to take over Nairobiwire and Ghafla. They aggressively used social media.

By the way, I have found that information and it’s lucrative. The local traffic commands an RPM of $2.50 ~ $6.00. I have managed to get a guy who linked Ezoic (via Adsense) on his website and managed to get $2.50 RPM and another guy that used Adsense directly and got $6.00 RPM. With good traffic of around 100,000+ per month, this is sweet money.


Does the member of your facebook group most from Kenya?

Say you get 3 usd RPM .With your 100k traffic per month ,that’s only 30K per month .Toa cost ya hosting ,Writer/content and you’ll be left with very little at the end of the month .

Based from stats, it’s 90% people living in Kenya.

Remember that’s traffic of 100,000 visitors and not page hits and advert views. A typical post/page has like up to 4 viewable ads and if they scroll outside the header and content area to the footer area, that means they can view up to 6 ads in total.

Typically, page views for blogs average 1.5/visit. Take that and multiply by 100,000 visitors you get = 150,000 page hits (page impressions).

Take the page hits and multiply by 4 ads per page view and it will give you 600,000 AD impressions.

Given the RPM (Revenue per a thousand impressions) of $3.00 that calculates to around $1800.00.

Since I have excluded people that use ADblock, there’s definitely some great potential here.

Cost ya hosting ni kidogo sana VPS servers cost around $6/per month. Check Contabo VPS or NetCup Root Servers (Powerful VPS service at a low cost). Of course, I know how to manage a VPS. So hapo labour ni yangu.

Content writers is so easy ~ I’ll just get some few university/college students to spin articles. 300 ~ 500 words design ya Unalipa mtu 200bob per 300 words.