How Moi sent assassins to trail and kill Koigi Wa Wamwere in Norway

In February of 1987, Kenya’s Environment Minister, Jeremiah Nyaga, was visiting Scandinavia.

Addressing officials, he said: “It is better for Koigi (pictured) to be incarcerated in a Kenyan prison than for him to face an uncertain future in Norway…”

A few weeks back, dissident Koigi Wamwere had fled to Norway, having sneaked out of Kenya via Busia border point. After consulting Oslo, Norwegian diplomats in Kampala agreed to grant the former Nakuru North Constituency Member of Parliament asylum in the Scandinavian country.

Later that year, in September, Koigi learnt to his horror that President Moi was set to make an official visit to a number of Scandinavian countries, Norway among them.

Ahead of the visit, the Foreign Affairs PS at the time, Bethuel Kiplagat (pictured), appeared…READ MORE

Anyway… A few years to come, we’ll read about saitoti’s and musando’s story in a similar fashion.

Hizi stories usually have a lot of exaggeration. Especially that list that a foreign spy had of his handlers back home conveniently with him. Hivi ndivyo the west inakamuliwa pesa. Koigi returned while Nyayo was still President and nothing was done to him. The moment he left he was no longer a problem. He has left the scene, in fact he came back because people were forgetting him and others had emerged to take his coveted position.

Telling such tales is how asylum is obtained for some.

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