How men have changed over the years

Back in the day you would never hear a man has killed a woman. Truth be told, men were still treacherous but nowadays it takes very little for a man to kill you. Very little. Maybe life has become too hard for them because according to psychology experts when times are tough men retreat to their animalistic nature. That’s why alot of femicide and GBV was experienced during COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately our daughters who we go to great lengths to shelter, come in contact with men when they are very naive. They see no danger in men. They see men as harmless as other women. How else would you explain the shocking saga of the two ladies murdered brutally?

I know that nobody will go somewhere that they don’t feel safe especially women. So regardless of their true motives of going to meet these men, they at least felt safe enough to do so.

When we were growing up the world was safer, more woman friendly and less hostile. Nowadays even a mature woman is afraid of doing alot of things. We are not feeling safe to be out at night bcz of the dire economic conditions globally.

On top of that the men’s right movements have made men extremely hateful towards women. The way kitambo a man would even try to get you home safe nowadays all they want to do is to take advantage of you. They want to lure you into a trap then do the worst they are able to do to you.

So parents I know it’s hard having these talks about the harsh reality of the kind of people men have become is very uncomfortable but you rather go through that than getting your beloved daughter in a morgue and even worse never finding her or her decapitated and dismembered story.

Let’s not mince words. Men have become very dangerous. Don’t say I’m hating on men bcz you have never seen a woman decapitate anybody in Kenya. The sheer hatred men have toward women and the rage they have of being economically frustrated is too much that we must warn all women of all ages that things have taken a turn for the worst. Even if you are 80 years old you can still be raped. You can still get killed by a man.

It has now become a game of avoiding being in a vulnerable situation with any man be it a stranger or men you know. Things are bad. Wanaume wamekua wanyama. If you are in a tumultuous relationship with a man find a clever way to exit without getting killed. Avoid direct confrontation or trying to make the guy feel jealous using other men so that he can leave you alone. These men have got nothing left to lose. NOTHING. They are already dead inside.

Do you think that a person who is alive inside can get guts to be very violent and have no regard for human life? You are dealing with a corpse and you are naively thinking this guy can’t harm a fly. My friend utashanga, infact you may not even live to shangaa, if your body will even be found at all.

Mambo za wanaume in the times we are in presently is literally a matter of life and death. Let us stop deluding ourselves. From parents to young girls to mature women, we have a problem on our hands, ignoring the reality will not save you if your paths cross with the wrong person. My personal philosophy about men is that you should not trust them under any circumstances no matter you have known them.

You better be paranoid and safe than assume that it can never happen to you only to end up in a worse situation than what you are dismissing. I always ask myself, why do parents who have watched many girls murdered while in campus not talk to their daughters. Why not just remind them that you can’t trust men out there. Why not remind them what has happened to other girls.

Just drum it into their heads, avoid boyfriends in campus, don’t go out with men, don’t go to a private place to meet bcz men are five times stronger than women and they can rape you and kill you if you not in a public place where you can be helped. Also watch your food and drink you can be drugged. Also avoid confronting men directly, just find a way to escape their clutches quietly.

I’m really sorry for the parents who have lost their kids but parents be proactive. Don’t assume that it is just bad luck or it can never happen to your child. Put the fear of God in them before wafunzwe na ulimwengu. If me at my age I am afraid of men what about a 20 years old student?

My final word to women is that wanaume ni hasidi na hasidi hana sababu. Protect yourself from them bcz they are predators pure and simple. You can not just be mafeelanga free with a lion or a bear. They don’t come with labels ati mimi nataka kichwa yako, ama pesa yako like Matara. They all look very innocent until you are under their control ndio wanatoa makucha na fangs zote. I’m not judging the dead or the murdered. I am just saying that I don’t want any other woman and her loved ones to go through what the two ladies went through. We can stop it by not participating in making ourselves vulnerable to evil people aka men.

I forgot that witchcraft is also in the mix. If a stranger or a man who you have never met sends you money or even meeting on the road you can get bewitched. So you even need to pray before going to meet someone. You need to listen to your first instinct and not just dismiss it like that girl Rita, she was having thoughts that it’s not safe but she ignored it. Don’t talk to men you don’t know who steps to you on the road. Talking is enough. You have all heard of people being zombified in town just by stopping to talk to strangers. Just talking. Nikiwambia things are bad right now and no woman is safe better believe that the devil himself has declared war on women. Don’t bcm a statistic.

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