How men are depicted in media.

Men are often portrayed in media as cannon fodder and basically people who can be physically and verbally abused because they’re strong, or are at least supposed to be, and this often leads to us being viewed as disposable in society, do you agree, and what can be done to change this?

Society will always prioritise the vagina
Unless we come up with artificial wombs

Men were made stronger to be able to take more sh1t thats why women outlive them…and nothing can be done… Learn to live with it.

No women outlive men because men are risk takers ,nature uses this to ensure that there are more women than men so that the human species continues. Same reason why there are more gazelles than lions

Tru dat. Twice as bright, half as long

Men don’t cry.

You are lost.
Seek God’s help

Art imitates life. Men are depicted as expendable in films because they are expendable in real life. If there is a world war today and Queen Elizabeth orders all commonwealth countries to send troops, all able bodied Kenyan men will be drafted and sent to the frontlines immediately.