How Many Passwords Do You know Offhead Today. Many People Just Use Browser Password Managers & Most Are Unsafe

In this day and age it is impossible to remember every password for every site that you have membership to. But some passwords are better memorized than stored on browser based password managers.

You should memorize your primary email password which in most cases is your recovery email for most of those other webistes. It is where reset codes are sent when you request them. If this primary email is compromised you might lose even your life’s savings. On this email again you MUST set 2 - Step Verification and link your phone number to it such that any attempt to change its password must be verified by a text message on your primary phone number.

Brave Browser doesn’t encrypt passwords like firefox or chrome and anyone with access to your PC can quickly export them as a CSV file. Zamani nilikuwa napenda sana kwenda Cyber ku harvest passwords za watu wanjinga wanaofinya Save Password bila kufikiria.I just used to type in on the Run Menu, %APPDATA%[I]Mozilla[/I][I]Firefox[/I]\Profiles\ · and export that .json file

Chunga sana

I use finger print to unlock apps and and for bank apps, 2FA is an additional safety layer

I don’t care much. Every site that you visit has a way of recovering your password in case you lose it. Meaning that they already have it and they can misuse it if they wish

wewe ni mwisi mbona ulog in kwa email ya mtu

Mimi Ile password najua Off head ni ya Mpesa na banking apps. Kijiji natumia initials za Primary school.

what was the name of your primary school?:smiley:

ukilala mtu anaweza tumia kidole yako kuaccess kila kitu

As long as unatumia systems that are run by certain tech gurus, no one is 100% safe…We just enjoy our grace period

Shule ya msingi ya Bonobo.

An intelligent threat actor goes for your email mainly through spearphishing.

SMS based 2FA isn’t hard to beat as popularly imagined.

Hardware based 2FA e.g USB key together with biometrics are so far the most robust methods of authentication.

I use one password for my emails, twitter, Facebook,ktalk


I change passwords n PIN every app every week.
Iko siku khupipi alinishika bana.shw cried n crode.
Neffe effa again

The finger print only opens the app for viewing. Transactions still need pin and 2FA.

Tuko wengi :D:D

Alikushika ukiwa umefanya Nini?

Just use a password manager

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