How many of you have ever paid for an app/web app?

Even if you knew you would get a cracked version of it? or a downgraded version of it was available for free, but decided to pay for it anyway.

If you have paid for one, was it developed by a local/Kenyan developer, a developer in SSA or from the first world countries?

I am running a survey and would like your input on this topic, so please take the poll and if you have a comment, it would be great to read it.


We use nulled for testing purposes before committing to buy, its a big necessary industry, developers even release clean nulled copies of their works.

I have six paid for android apps developed by non Africans

Thanks for your responses so far

Waah this is the first time I have heard of nulled, can you expound on it?, this is what google says "Nulled is an online forum board with over 3 million members as of 2020, mostly used by cyber criminals to trade and purchase leaked or hacked information. " So how do you use that forum?

following too

I’ve paid for an app. Key reason why I paid for it was coz it was cheap (about 1usd) and it was useful. The free version was good but I needed the extra features. Also it was a lifetime purchase.

Back in 2013 I paid 1USD for WhatsApp. Many people don’t know that WhatsApp used to be a paid app. 1USD per year. They scrapped the payment not long after that.


Sisi ni wazee walai…
Kulikuwa some trick ya kureactivate the free trial… saa hii imekuwa ya kila mtu. Damn Zuckerberg

:smiley: it’s only 7 years ago. I was already out of campus


I can pay for an app, that is if its cheap and useful. Sometimes its good kupromote hawa developers Kenyan or international. Coding is hectic.

I hire Iranians, good coders, patient and at a competitive price.

Si huwa tumelipia bandos

I have paid for point of sale software and still pay montly simply because it is online and the back office can see sells as they are keyed in anywhere in the world.

I have paid esp for apps that get heavily discounted as in a sale.
Also paid for apps full price mainly puzzle android games that I could not get a free download crack

kama ni ps4 games, i have spent six figures on that shit.

hehe good stuff

Asanteni wadau for your comments and taking the poll. Obviously it would take a longer survey to get what I was looking for but this is an eye opener. Thanks