How many of you give a crap about family and relatives?

It’s the holiday season, this is the time when most families are looking to unite to celebrate Christmas together and possibly the New Year as well.
But I can’t help but wonder how many people are in the same boat as me.

From a young age I noticed the toxicity of my relatives an how manipulative they could be, and due to my young age, I couldn’t really do anything but endure and fake smiles and laughter. But that changed as soon as I became an adult and was in charge of my own time and choices, not being forced by parents to interact with shitty aunts, uncles and cousins. I cut all of them off years ago and I’ve been living blissfully for quite some time now, living without the stress and emotional trauma of people trying to use you, guilt you and manipulate you with false information.

Your stories may vary, but I want to know how many of you give a crap about your relatives and are going to be celebrating with them & how many of you are in the same boat as me and are living family free and will be celebrating the holidays on their own/with friends?

Hata Mimi fucck relatives kwanza cousins inakua dicck measuring contest to see who is the most successful among all of you. Uncles and aunts start to gossip and say mbona usijipange maisha yako Kama Nani. The person on your.side is your mum only. Afadhali Nikule jaba na stim na mabeshte than attend those shittty events. Meffi hao

Immediate family yes,the rest wakanyage frame

Mimi nitakula krismas yangu na Kunguru kaa tatu hivi na mzinga ya belvedere polepole

Its a quiet one for me btw i will be working… Took an early break late nov and visited those that matter…

Huku ushango ni chai after chai after chai after chai. :coffee::coffee:.
Ukiamka tu hivi Kuna chai ya kungoja chai iive.then kuna chai ya kukunywa after chai.Ata ukiumwa na kichwa unapewa chai.mkiboeka tu hivi kidogo mnakunywa chai.ukitaka kutoka tu kidogo ati uende utembee unapewa chai na ukirudi bado unapewa chai.Bahati mbaya(ama mzuri) mgeni atokee after mumekunywa chai mtakunywa ingine tena So jana jioni tumeletewa chai after supper nikasema sikunywi nmeshiba nkaskia auntie jessica akiambiana “watu wa bangi wanakuaga hivo hawapendagi chai” my frenz as we speak niko kikombe ya sita.Nilishiba kitambo but am just trying to cover some loose endsmeanwhile mniweke kwa maombi

What pisses me off about family gatherings, are grownups who tend to pull kids aside, and start enquiring from them, about their lives including the relationship between their parents.
Friday na Saturday Daddy huwa analala Nyumbani ? Ati Mum alipata maid na Daddy wakifanya nini ? Hao watu huwa wamenifika kwa shingo.

It will only be me, my wife and my kids. I would have loved my parents to celebrate with me but I recently visited them and I will make time soon to see them. Watu wengine is a big NO!

Bibi na watoi walienda Kimilili 15th . Mimi nawajoin Kims 24th

peasant detected.

For me yes i give a Crap and absolutely i have to celebrate with all of them.

That reminds me of the day’s I used to go to shaggz, chai na kuku zilikua abundant.

The nosy aunts and uncles looking for information they can acquire so they can gossip, being an adult is amazing coz I can now tell them to fuck off na hakuna kitu watanifanyia
I love this freedom

Mimi, what 2019 has taught me about relatives and the plans they have against me, acha ikae. I will take my wife and kids to watamu for new year, xmass tutaenjoy mdogo mdogo humu humu. My mum and dad tough i would love to celebrate with them but because of what i know, i wont. Sad but hii dunia si ya mama ya mtu…

Tubwagie hekaya safi braza.

25th nitakuwa town with my friends we gonna party like its 1999

My immediate family does not live near extended family so yes, I will spend as much time as I can with these beautiful people… and I wont have to worry about fake family such as aunts and some cousins …

Ps. Your post was long, had to check to confirm it’s not @TrumanCapote

Kaka braza, not now. Hii mwaka nimejionea mengi, but all in all. God is faithful.

Christmas i celebrate with my kid and wife… n few relative whom i trust.

I celebrate in Feb once everyone in Nai is back to the rat race.

Haya sawa. Pamoja.