How many have u deflowered?

Out of 28, mimi nimefanikiwa tu kuget mmoja tu. I remember i was 21 back then. Are these people that rare nowadays? Gentlemen, more specifically, captains of industry and alpha males, lets hear your side of the story…

Tuna pambana na Alsha baab na wewe una sumbua na deflowering…

Wewe niwale ,wakati kuna maombolezi ,uko busy uking’ang’ana na MACOOMER. Shindwe pepo mbaya ya Kanyari

1 is enough my guy
move on
this is coming from ur captain
tuko topic tofauti sasa

Malware kiwete humbwar taca taca

Sawa el patron!

Sawa el patron!


Am petitioning @Deorro to close sex and relationships section for a day…we are in a mourning period

This is not your mourning square

Saa hii hao materrorists wanadeflower 72 virgins each in heaven.

Mara ingine bila mbicha husipost.

i will give my statement on this issue after we are done with the official mourning from the terror attack.

Been blessed.

Kuna Navajo riverside drive with flowered faces gaping like they are shouting Allahu Akbar, go add your flower count there.