How Many From This Crap Do You Agree With?

The Gospel According To Some Kiriungi Kimotho…

Things that a normal man should NEVER Practice

  1. Taking alcohol

  2. Using sugar

  3. Using wheat products

  4. Eating sausages, smokies and other processed foods

  5. Raising dowry through WhatsApp

  6. Smoking that cancer stick aka Cigarettes

  7. Having stupid and reckless sex

  8. Having unprotected sex. Soko ni chafu

  9. Using WhatsApp GB

  10. Having ringtones on his phones

  11. Buying food from supermarkets

  12. Entering the kitchen unless the kitchen is on fire

  1. Gambling

  2. Giving CJs and receiving BJs

  3. Wearing tight underwear and shorts

  4. Masturbation

  5. Calling your wife sijui swiry , sweetie, my better half, Hun, the love of my life etc. Call her by her name, Waruguru, Wanjiku, Waithiegeni.

  6. Dating a woman who takes alcohol

  7. Sleeping with another man’s wife. Mûtumia wene ndahunagio maitho na ndaguragirwo nyama

  8. Having two kids like a dove or one like a rhino. A man should sire at least six kids

  9. Hugging your mother-in-law

  10. Sleeping at your inlaws’ houses. They only gave you permission to sleep with their daughter and not to fart in their houses

  11. A culture of not reading

  12. Going home past 9 pm

Kiriungi Kimotho Muceera wa mbari ya huria nondirariunga weerû ngiugaga nî thaayû na nî thaayû na nî thaayû na nî nondîrabîra mwano

Yaani mtu aliketi chini kucompile huu upuzi wooote!


Zote isipokuwa 3, 12 na 24.

Makes up a life with no spice.

He is such a vocal man, alafu adinyiwe bibi na watchman @uwesmake who has no single clue of what that list says

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Kila mtu aishi maisha yake vile anataka. This is utter rubbish

There are a number of them we can aver to.
Few of them ni ukuma