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Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have arrested the main suspect behind a fake jobs syndicate at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The suspect, identified as Bonface Ouko, was nabbed on Friday evening August 27 after the detectives laid a trap to bring to an end his syndicate.

According to DCI, the 29-year-old suspect used to charge his victims all kinds of charges before offering them fake employment letters. The suspect would charge the unsuspecting job seekers medical fees, security pass fee, interview fee, and uniform fee among others.
Bonface Ouko

Before he was arrested, Ouko had presented a fake letter to one of the detectives who had posed as a job seeker.
The letter indicated that the detective had secured a financial analyst position at one of the firms in the country’s aviation hubs.


Ouko had even adopted a fake name, Peter Kamuri, and a fake security pass to the firm he had reportedly secured employment opportunity for the detective.
The suspect is currently held at the JKIA police station, waiting for an arraignment on Monday

This comes against the backdrop of rising cases of job seekers being conned. On July 7, DCI arrested suspects believed to be part of a cartel that has been swindling unsuspecting teachers’ millions of shillings.

The cartel had infiltrated the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) database and was working in cahoots with employees in various departments at the headquarters.

The DCI was alerted after TSC CEO, Nancy Macharia wrote to his team, asking them to conduct investigations on the syndicate.

Macharia stated that the suspects were using several Facebook accounts in her name and defrauded unsuspecting teachers promising to offer them employment and transfers at a fee.

In one of the cases, a primary school teacher in Bomet was posted to a school, only to discover the job posting letter was fake after teaching for nearly a month.

In another instance, a teacher traveled all the way from Kisii to Thika Secondary School to fill a vacancy, only to realise after a month that he was a victim of the fake job syndicate.

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Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have picked three persons suspected of money laundering, a week after an expose by blogger Edgar Obare. In a statement, the DCI said the three were picked on the night of Thursday, September 2, during an operation by DCI’s Transnational Organized Crime detectives at an apartment in Nairobi’s posh Kileleshwa estate.

According to the DCI, the suspects were found in possession of assorted fake local and foreign currencies and equipment believed to be used in the production of fake currencies. The three are currently being questioned even as investigations gather pace. In the statement, the DCI stated that the three suspects were found in possession of several fake US dollar notes in denominations of 100.[ATTACH=full]384059[/ATTACH]
Money laundering items recovered by DCI during an operation on Thursday night, September 2, 2021

Detectives also recovered a machine believed to be used in printing the fake notes that were found in the house.

“The detectives acting on intelligence had launched an operation at an apartment in Kileleshwa, therein ambushing the three suspects aged 54, 34 and 26 years,” the DCI said in a statement.

The 34-year-old suspect was a woman while the two others were males. The sleuths said they suspect the three are part of a larger syndicate that is behind the rising cases of money laundering in the country. DCI detectives proceeded to search the basement parking area where they recovered three copies of a fake letter purportedly from the Central Bank of Kenya from a car believed to belong to one of the suspects.
The letter, according to the detectives, was a notification receipt of Ksh10 billion. Further, the DCI recovered two copies of United Nations invoices and a forged anti-money laundering clearance certificate.


According to the sleuths, they also recovered a packet of white powder labelled ‘Best Quality Laundry Starch’, a bottle containing a bluish substance, 45 USD notes in 100 denominations and 166 notes of Kenyan currency in Ksh1000 denominations. The DCI stated that they had arrested the caretaker of the apartment after he attempted to block them from searching the vehicle where the counterfeit notes were found.
“The 54-yr-old, who is the caretaker of the apartment and who vehemently obstructed the detectives from conducting the operation within the facility, was also arrested and will face appropriate charges,” the statement from the DCI read in part.

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