How many believe in ghosts and such spiritual things?

I have a neighbor,call him Mr Q. He is firstborn of a functional family of 6 including the parents.
The boy is the like of many of you here who love the thrills of women thighs randomly anywhere anyhowly.
To cut the story short this man become’s the dilemma.It was reported by the mother he had a one night stand with a beautiful lady he met on his way home 10pm after closing his touting job .
Funny thing is the same spot he met the girl I have been meeting a lady at weird hours of the night when I visit ocha but since I am always accompanied by my wife I simply drive past without looking twice but I always notice the bulge of sweet mattacore.
Sadly after the onenight stand,I guess the lady just held a tree onthe road side and the tout enjoyed his fantasy amidst sweet kitui night breeze,they said goodbyes.Funny enough the ghel gave my neiba a golden Chain.
The next day his balls started arching so was his body,many tests in hospitals no signs of STDs or aids but the boy suffered to a point of confessing the one night stand.i knew the story when pastors started flooding their home and as you know how loud some pray it was obvious they were breaking spiritual contact of the man and a spiritual woman…sad.
Yesterday I saw the boy ,he is alright but behaves like his mind skips for a minute on events sorrounding him.
I have nothing to gain by lies not do I care of like but I think it’s good to fuck a woman you truly know not randomly on streets.

Are you sure it wasnt you @count dracula who changed to a lady to madden ur neiba?:D:D

I believe you, kamute is very real.

I was shocked @Purple by those events,I got my displine from that man’s woes ,it’s said the wise learn from others mistakes.i can’t just got on every Mary I meet on streets

Nimeachia hapo kwa touting ju I have never encountered a sane one. Huyo ni bhangi ya maseno ilimpeleka mbio.


Wale wa ocha are displined bearing in mind it’s a small towns affair .kitui drugs aren’t that rampant

Oh yes, stay away kabisa or perish. It’s good you’re learning from someone else’s example. I have also seen things which can’t be explained except by kamute magic.

Uchawi is real believe it hata mimi nishawai rushiwa those charms. I had to seek divine intervention to get healed. There are endless reasons why someone would want to bewitch another but the primary huwa jealousy.

Give us ur story please

Angusha hekaya…

Another day bros, it’s still very new. Can’t talk about it.

Boss. Utaangusha hekaya ama nifanye venye nilifanya last last year

Woiii, it’s still a bit raw. Wacha kidonda kipone ndio niweze kuongea bila kucatch feelings.

You have to be bewitched to believe in witchcraft… Mental health challenges exist and are real. There is nothing witchcraft about it.

Syphilis causes madness. Ulipata luwere

One of my pals came across a very cute lady hitchhiking at around 3am just past the Lang’ata cemetery. Being drunk and thirsty for goods, he stopped, picked her up and they proceeded to his place, where clothes were speedily ripped off and thresholds reached amid wild, weird groans and vicious thrusting. You know how it is when you’re high and numb…your neighbors can’t sleep.

After several hours of carnal knowledge, the lady was driven to her place several kilometers away, where they agreed to a rematch and exchanged contacts.

At the appointed time, the dude showed up at the woman’s place, his seminal vesicles nearly bursting at the seams, urging him to release. However, his excitement quickly turned into horror as the mother to the girl emerged and revealed that the daughter had died about two years earlier and was interred at Lang’ata cemetry.

Believing it to be it one of the nasty ghosting games slay queens use, his remonstrations were quickly silenced by a dusty memorial booklet, and a spot check later put paid any lingering doubts he may have had about the whereabouts of his “new catch”.

I have driven that same route in the wee hours and can confirm having seen skimpily dressed girls alone in the cold, hardly scared.

What I couldn’t tell was whether they were ordinary flesh peddlers, or they were from the other side.

The tale still fresh in my mind, I quickly put the pedal to the metal.

Remind me of a Nigerian movie about spiritual beings being horny and coming this side for threshold. Wengine can impregnate chicks and vice versa. Just a movie though.

Yeah, hear they are known as Succubus/incubus…probably myth

:Dwhat things?
Leta hekaya I debunk you