How Long Until WSR Flips Jubilee and Gets Rid of UHURU Men?

I give it no more than 6 months…

Kioni and other unelected Jubilee leaders about to be betrayed by elected members who will be flipped faster than burning mandazi in the frying pan

Am eagerly waiting to see his cabinet composition.When is the swearing in date by the way?

Afanye ivo saa hii…those guys abused their positions…eagerly waiting…waende kabisaaa…matiangi anaeza tupea one last holiday though akijiskia!!!

Next Tuesday, 13th September 2022

CS PS and CAS are Uhuru’s appointees they had to defend the guy because no one else was going to hire them

I will make it a long holiday for me.Monday nitakuwa off…or are they not declaring it a holiday?

They cant they changed the law to protect themselves. Ruto will have to buy Uhurus men first

It is a public holiday

It’s Rigathi now handling the politics. As the new Central and Mt Kenya supremo then everyone in the region are trooping to him. Already half of jubilee has joined him. Only kioni, kimunya and kanini will not join immediately. Sabina is literary looking at whom to please to get into good books.

If Ruto try to bring the cost of farm inputs, animal feeds…he will have put money in Peoples pockets. Let’s hope they actualise their plans

The party is subject to members who can call for a vote and appoint new leadership…

Which plans ? Itumbwe spear can tell u squarely like sani we wait for lube[ATTACH=full]463734[/ATTACH]

The MPs are not the only members

Very true… members of Jubilee are basically Kiuks and Kalenjin.

Who do you think that demographic favors?

Their stomach

How do you put money in people’s pockets?

Well put… and who is the man with the knife and the yam?

Why on earth were you then arguing against a Jubilee migration back to WSR?

They stayed in Jubilee because they didnt like Ruto I doubt they will troop to UDA.

No they stayed in Jubilee BECAUSE OF COERCION…

There isn’t a lot of LIKE and DISLIKE in politics.

And you’ll be surprised to know UHURU is actually quite more ‘DISLIKED’ than RUTO

Already the ONLY jubilee governor has joined KK

Jubilee walipata governor?