How long should I take to ask her to be my girlfriend?

Theres this girl I who has gotten my attention. It’s a week now . She is temporarily in the same work location as she will soon leave. Mafisi nao pia hawalali, wanamezea kumezea.

I asked her indirectly to be mine but she said I still have 10% left to be completely sure of me . She told me it’s like an exam. If someone else also passes it then , ameenda hivyo

So I don’t know if I took things too fast?
Or when should I take to ask her to be mine ?

I’m a grown up, Niko stage ya it’s either uniitikie or unikatae but this one Wuee naye ame shake my groud😅

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This bit right here. That’s where you’re wrong.


How do I go about it then, I guess maybe I don’t know how to handle it, but I would appreciate some assistance

You question doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is how that woman feels about you. Mtihani wako is to figure that out

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1 week Na bado hujaonja? Sisi tunakula for 6 months alafu tunawaambia we are just friends


Kula kwanza




Boss!! Unakatia Dem aje nikama uko high school?


Mshow niko na 150 akupee mkia

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Fetish Yako ni Njwan’ga Iko na mashonde za skumawiki


just tell her u wana fak her. ikiwa tamu mtazoeana.

kukatiana achia high skul kids


Eish! Just like that? Ki design ya kipoko!

Wuee inafanywa aje . As in this one naye ame get my attention. Unlike others.

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Hii ni umeffi gani? Watoi bado wanaingia na smartphone shule kupost upuzi?


After 6 months

If you purport to be a grown man and can’t figure out how to go about women then ata elders wakikusaidia kufix yeye still utashindwa afterwards kumanage yeye, because she is weighing you against other men. We uko 10%, Kuna wa 5, 20 and so on. Once you spot a potential prey just like an eagle, ni ku swoop in faster with two possible outcomes in mind- fail or succeed. Hapo kwa ground yako ku shaken na yeye ni umeffi and it is where you failed before you even begun haha.


Hii imeenda. She’ll have you jumping through hoops forever. Anza project mpya.


just show her you are not interested…atajileta


If this is a problem for a man inaonyesha how idle/mediocre their life is. People have major things to deal with other than these Juvenile-teenage issues.


If you have to ask a bitch to be your girlfriend, you’ve already lost bruh.

My best relationships ni zile nilidinya kwanza halafu after weeks of serious piping dame anauliza “what are we?”. Its men who give out relationships so the fact that you are asking her for a relationship is enough proof that she just ain’t that into you.

First she chooses you (by giving you sex), then you choose her by giving her a relationship. The fact that you haven’t even smashed na umeanza upuzi ya sijui girlfriend BS means you are still very wet behind your ears.

Soma Art of The Deal ya mzito Trump. Know when to walk away. When a bitch tells you umebakisha 10% nonsense, you have already lost. Though ulifanya ukumbaffu sana asking for a relationshit when you are the one who is supposed to give it. Would you respect a woman who asks you for sex first?? Personally I wouldn’t and I would get spooked because its women who give sex. Obviously, a regular girlfriend will ask for sex but I don’t expect a woman to ask for sex in the first incident.