How long is this going to take?

Whenever I see this mama I feel like I can commit murder. Surely how long does it take to apprehend the people who did this? Inauma sana.

Demanding answers can not stop an hour after the funeral. Hao politicians hapo ni all-talk.

I know this ones won’t get away. But government should avoid pushing Kenyans too far this is how militia groups begin when youths are so disenfranchised. Kenyans wako na machungu sana and if Ruto wanted to recruit militia he would have so many youths to recruit. Unye and so called Matiangi need to rethink their extreme handling of Kenyans. This is how countries are destabilized. Hopefully Rao will bring sanity back coz this has now become too much impunity on the part of police even in Moi time things are not this bad.

Ruto cannot succeed. To recruit militia, you need a lot of money. You have to put them on salary plus buy them equipment and drugs. Ruto is rich but not rich enough for that. Plus it would be pretty obvious. Srikal will execute them one by one Mungiki style.
If you think things are bad now, God forbid Ruto takes over. He has little understanding and acceptance for law and orderliness. The only thing that gives Ruto relevance today is the Kikuyu vote. Without which he wouldnt be worth a convo. So interesting times ahead.

So wakina Kony and Alshabab are paying their soldiers salary?

At least Baba knows how bad it is when under totalitarian government. He may bring sanity back. Unye and his besty waende tuu home. We’re now tired.

They do pay. Thats why you find they largely control a resource area eg minerals from Congo and Alshabaab control Somalia ports collecting ransom money. They also let them steal when doing patrols from villages. Men have to eat.

The same moses kuria was talking shit when msando was killed.

When the government was killing people during electioneering period, all these fools on this video that are now demanding justice were talking shit. Now, they pretend to care and take their stupid politics to this funeral and the people are buying it, and even letting them speak.

When the shoe is on the other foot. Ama namna gani?


Eat yes but a salary??

A man needs more than food. Remember many have families.

MSA do alikua amekula kula Maisha Hawa ni watoto

Who cares about families when you are in a war? Was Mungiki paying it’s members or they were paying it?

Look at this. Something to smile about in the middle of this horror movie we are in. Kenyans are so cool.


Mungiki were being paid. Even in war militia are paid. No man will show up for you daily for free.

This is great artwork. We have Da Vincis right at home.

You underestimate the human need to belong. Give a man an ideology to believe in and you will be surprised how far they’ll go for you. Mungiki were not paid a salary. They paid themselves by gaining territory they could extort in. Maina Njenga would not have been rich enough to pay any salaries.

Anyone above 18 is an adult, whether 18 by 2 minutes or 100 years. You are an adult.

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]WEBE NE URE URE

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I never understood suicide bombers and people who go on shooting sprees until I saw that mom wailing for her babies. The kind of thoughts I had about the people who did this, may God forgive me. I completely understand the kind of frustration that can turn even the best of people into animals. I understand the culprits are fearing for their lives and are somewhere isolated for their safety. If Alshabab was to approach members of the family do you think they would think twice? Especially if they were to ask to bomb the police station. Let’s not push people too far. Our youths are so disenfranchised economically and then you cheapen their lives by killing them for nothing. Matiangi is going down a very dangerous road with his police officers.

I never thought a day would come when I would empathize with such people but there’s a point you can push people and they snap. Matiangi needs to get off his ivory tower and rein in his police officers. They have run amok and they are becoming an enemy of future and the stability of this nation. Just look at unstable countries, this is how they all began, there was a great outcry and the government ignored and trivialized it.

That KTN Jicho Pevu exposé on Serenei shows you the sort of people in the force. It’s very scary. Some of those guys turn up for duty intoxicated, with what, you can’t tell. One time I needed to use their services in a dangerous and remote part of the country on a work assignment. One of the two APs turned up drunk, and I just had to politely decline and explain to his colleague on the side that I wouldn’t go anywhere with him, coz we would all be unsafe with an armed guy who isn’t sober. It took a while to get a replacement. Sometimes it becomes necessary to say no to some things.

Just like they were drinking nonstop before killing Willy Kimani. You can imagine committing murder then you drink until you black out. Instead of at least pretending to be normal.

You can see a joker like Owino is now going to politics.

I understand the emotion, but one man blame doesnt work. This country is not run by one man division heads. First of all you know that Matiangi is head of Security. But Police is a unit within. Police have their own structure, including an internal investigation unit and disciplinary rules. He has to depend on them. And trust me they know everything. Matiangi cant go firing cops at will or due to public outcry. Think about the video you put above of Seronei, do you see he was working within a very organized structure? True there are rogue cops, but theres a structure to everything in government.

The two boys died, two weeks down the line, only the parents/relatives will have memories. Matiangi will be unmoved. To fix a entire police force in a country requires a commission. And nothings changed. We were like this during Moi, Kibaki and UKs terms.