How long does it take to mourn ?

I have never lost someone close like I did recently. I find myself sleeping few hours like 2hrs every night. I don’t eat much. When at work I’m less productive. I just yawn and yawn.

It’s not why he died but how he died. His young wife and 2 children worry me a lot . I just wished he didn’t extend his stay because the day he extended is the day he passed on. Was death waiting for him the following day?

He was someone with a big heart. Very big heart. I might be beta male but I need help. Slowly I’m drowning into instances of depression. I just wish I can have a silver bullet for this feeling.

This is a forum no one knows me ,I can mask myself and be myself without pretending. His death has made me weak

For those who lost a close friend how did you move on. Is what I’m going through normal? How did you take baby steps from this? Help please

do not isolate yourself but keep good company at all time. sorry for the loss

Hiyo jina ya @Bottoms = ultragay ghassia

You poor thing. Take heart. Do not let it eat you up. Where are the other friends and family? I lost a close friend years ago with 2 young kids…it took me a while to recover. So pls be v kind to yourself by exercising and trying to eat something.
Then I lost my dad. My whole world crumbled…completely. I was so sick of people telling me time is a healer and that I will feel better.

TBH time is a healer! so hang in there.

They say the gods call those they love early. Take Heart. It gets better but it takes time. The hardest death Ive dealt with was a suicide. I would oscillate between anger and guilt and deep sadness. I have a friend in the states who is like my dad’s age. I was inconsolable until he said something to me that my loved one was alive in God and that I could still convey love and remorse to him thro prayer and I prayed for his soul everyday until God confirmed he was in a good place. Still I’d have bouts of grief later on when his birthday would come around, other times when I wasnt expecting it. It gets easier with time. Prayer helped me alot as well as going on forums for survivors of such , community with people who are facing what you are will help you a great deal. Dont worry too much for his wife and kids. Pray for them instead. The Lord is always near to those who are brokenhearted. Dont do drugs to evade the pain.It only delays the grief.Its fine to feel depressed YOU ARE GRIEVING.

Prayer, talking about it, visiting his grave, assisting his family, hoping that time will clear the sombre emotions.

Learn how to be STOIC and learn how to manage disappointment, failure like an AMG army member, learn to walk away from shit you can’t change, pole kwako but you have to move on

As years passby, one encounters several deaths of loved ones, it is a journey we all go through. After all we all die. We must let our hearts be flexible and keep swaying back and forth, not a rigid one that will break of a strong wind. The first death you encounter of a relative who is close to you hurts most. Pole sana.

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@Amused njamba huthu kuja saidia fellow liberal. But be gentle, he is in mourning.

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Time heals everything, the fact that you have opened up about it means u are on the road to recovery. Sorry for your loss, keep your head high. Listen to this.

Talking, for me it was through this online forum that I found some solace. Talking to someone face to face though would have a better outcome, and not just anyone. Someone with emotional maturity.


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Pole, sana
You need counseling, seek a church that provides grief counseling, it’s usually free.
You need to talk about your feelings and your fears, you need to get it out if your system.

Lock yourself somewhere and cry those tears. It heals. Read Paul’s words to the Corinthians, God will give you enough grace to bear the loss

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Sorry to hear what you are going through. It is a very normal situation for anyone who loses a beloved friend or relative to mourn. There is no definition of a specific mourning periods, though some cultures define for formality but it depends on your bond. Its not easy, but you should get out of depression coz I know even your friend would not have wanted you to endure that. Consider a support group or a psychologist’s help if you can