How Long Does Earth Take To Heal? Because The Owners Are Tired With Us & Want Us Extict

The reptilians are tired with mankind and a time has come for them to wipe the slate clean. From Viruses to floods, droughts wildfires ozone depletion everything points towards a GREAT RESET. The last time it happened according to ancient books was during the Great Flood though exact dates aren’t known. Dinosaurs and other species were wiped out millenia before the Great Flood and it will happen again either through one of the following.

[li]Nuclear Winter[/li][li]Epidermic with 99.9% toll rate[/li][li]Asteroid hit[/li][/ol]
Number 1 & 2 being the most likely.


Earth has been through 5 if not 6 mass extinctions,its about time to reset

Our best bet to is to move to a back up planet like mars if things go bad.
I’ve never understood people who think space exploration is a waste of money.

It’s literally the survival of our species.

Mukifika type one civilization munamaliswa…

Okay alien. Si utatuambia wakiwa karibu

If we can make Mars habitable! We can fix earth.

Type 1 civilization wako na intelligence inakaa aje? Interplanetary travel na ku appear multiple places at the same time like Horus?

its near impossible mate… afadhali kutafuta earth twin with the resoures

Earth isn’t badly off at all

Wajamaa mbona munaenda youtube munaskiza kina @butco reptilian ndio nani sasa oh wait utasema shape shifters…:D:D civilizations always fall Mayan,Inca,Egyptians,Greek ,Romans…binadamu bado ako.

What about a random asteroid that could launch the planet into a new ice age and end our species?

Climate change is only one risk. Massive Solar flares. Nuclear war etc.

Space exploration is absolutely necessary.

Even our Bantu Ancestors didn’t stay in one location.

Humans have dominated because we expanded to every corner of this planet

Expansion is in our nature - There’s no where else to go but up.

The reptilians have confused us from technology to everything. In fact, we live the reptilian way of life. So let us move to Jawidle Planet. It is a few light-years away. If you want to move with me feel free to inbox for quality weed.

You guys actually believe in Reptilians?

Haki hizi concepts keep giving me brain orgasms . Kwanza nimeskia type one civilization, let me go check.

Listen to this basket case!!!


It might be easier to just build a space habitat like that on Elysium. Mars is a lost cause.


Nearest star to earth after the sun, Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years away so even if we found another earth there we would never reach it.

So if earth 2.0 is 124 light years away that means even if we could achieve 10% speed of light it would take 1240 years to reach it. Even if we could build a generation ship for a 1240 year voyage our descendants would have been born and brought up in a low-gravity space environment. Their bodies could never tolerate the gravity of an earth-sized planet. The future does not belong to homo sapiens.