How Little Kenya Driving Licence has changed since Introduction.

[B][SIZE=7]Kenya 1927

Kenya 2016[/SIZE][/B]


Nigeria DL OLD

Naija New

Jakaya 2005
UG 2011

Sijawahi ona hii !! [/SIZE]


hiyo ya naija ina hadi blood group, fiti sana

I should’ve put this in Motoring.

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No need to regret just ask @Deorro @old monk et al to do it for you.

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Ya Kenya ni tbt

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Makes no sense at all. After 50 years nobody has ever though we need a modern DL ? Is it because it has been under KRA instead of Uchukuzi ?

This is so embarrassing. Ata number plate hukaa kama ziliundwa na stone age tools. Even Postbank did away with the booklet for crying out loud!


Kuna mtu hukulia ku-print hiyo booklet and not to mention the renewal booklets which is guaranteed income for someone for a very long time and before someone says it is done at the government printers,know there are people who supply the raw materials and consumables so either way kuna mtu hawezi taka any change!


kwanza hizo huniudhi ile baya…si naskia hutengenezwa na prisoners. but angalia za tz mwana!

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Our is very good for hiding a folded ka fifty bob note for bribing the traffic cops. Cant do that with the new one.
Wacha kuharibu mbichara


You all forgetting the Kenyan one is very convenient for hiding notes to bribe the cops. And you know the corruption train goes all the way up the ranks in the police and maybe to other relevant departments.

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kenya iko nyuma kama mkia.nkt.@mangufuli kuja huku uone vile kenya iko nyuma

mangufuli ni nani ? nyangau wewe

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faite matamch

So ours is better quality.