how legal is this

Australia’s oldest scientist, wearing a top labelled “ageing disgracefully”, has left the country for Switzerland to end his life at the age of 104, saying he is resentful that he must go overseas to die.
David Goodall does not have a terminal illness but his quality of life has deteriorated and he has secured a fast-track appointment with assisted dying agency Life Circle in Basel.
He got on a plane in Perth late Wednesday surrounded by friends and family saying their final goodbyes, euthanasia advocates said.
He will spend several days with other family in Bordeaux, France, before heading to Switzerland where he is due to end his life on May 10.

no one can convince me that a 104 yrs old is of sound mind …we have a Guka of 110 who called us last month and requested us to remarry coz our wives are too light skinned…look at 90 yrs and very confused…

In Switzerland it is. In their laws they have a right to die.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is such a sweet death, you don’t even feel it. Why can’t he do that or do what most white people do when committing suicide and shoot himself in the head?
The guy just wants attention and to waste taxpayers money. I hope his lawyer is a private lawyer and not government funded lawyer.

He is a scholar. Most likely he wants to re-ignite the debate on euthanasia in Australia with his death. You know the jungu types how they roll

Yes they don’t have to worry about normal things like school fees. I wonder if we Kenyans will get there one day…

Some Kenyan lawyer sued for the extrajudicial killing of Jesus. Lol!

Hehehe Omtata?

Not Omtata.

Kenyan suing Israel over Jesus’s death
Taking Rome and Jerusalem to the ICJ, Dola Indisis says the trial 2,000 years ago included ‘judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice’
6 Aug 2013, 9:00 pm 33
Filipino penitent Ruben Enaje, who has portrayed as Jesus Christ for 27 times, grimaces as he is nailed to the cross during Good Friday rituals on March 29, 2013 at Cutud, Pampanga province, northern Philippines (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)
Filipino penitent Ruben Enaje, who has portrayed as Jesus Christ for 27 times, grimaces as he is nailed to the cross during Good Friday rituals on March 29, 2013 at Cutud, Pampanga province, northern Philippines (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)
A Kenyan lawyer is attempting to acquit Jesus of the crimes he was found guilty of committing some 2,000 years ago and overturn the death penalty handed down as a result, and has turned to the International Court of Justice to do so.

According to the Daily Mail, Dola Indisis, a former spokesperson for the African country’s judiciary system, has decided to sue Italy and Israel over the death of Jesus. The decision to turn to the ICJ, a court specializing in international law, was made after a 2007 petition to a Nairobi court was dismissed.

Jesus’s “selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice,” Indidis told The Nairobian, a local Kenyan paper.

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Indidis’s case states the methods of questioning during Jesus’s trial by the Romans were problematic; the information used in the case was flawed and probably lacking; and that punishing him while the trial was still ongoing contradicts all forms of justice.

The Kenyan lawyer hopes the ICJ will agree that “the proceedings before the Roman courts were a nullity in law for they did not conform to the rule of law at the material time and any time thereafter.”

The ICJ, created to resolve disputes between states, has no jurisdiction over the matter and will likely choose not to consider the case, legal experts say.

Here I was thinking you were messing around kumbe ni ukweli o_O

Huko ameenda ni legal . Mtu ni terminally ill or too old to do anything and you still want them to just keep on suffering mpaka they die because of your own opinion , yet si wewe unaumia .

Lakini citizens of a country are resources , owned by the govt … many countries will ever allow it .

Look at the movie titled " Me before you" Well, its not about the Kenyan lawyer but about assisted suicide. It appears to be in support of assisted suicide.

Me Before You receives criticism within disabled community, labelled ‘disability snuff film’
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me before you still
PHOTO A scene from Me Before You, starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin.
A controversial movie, Me Before You, has begun screening in Australia amid accusations it is a “disability snuff film”.

Key points:
Me Before You is a story of a disabled man who chooses to end his own life
Disabled community say it portrays disability negatively and is insulting
Some say it is could have a dangerous impact on young people with a disability
The films director says the movie has been misunderstood
Activists said the film’s depiction of a disabled man who turned to euthanasia was offensive and potentially dangerous, and a handful of people have been fighting Hollywood at a suburban cinema in Melbourne.

Director Thea Sharrock said protesters had misunderstood the movie and its message of living boldly.

It was meant to be a tragic love story but disability rights activist Jax Jacki Brown said the movie, featuring Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, is insulting and condescending.

“The lead character plays a wheelchair user and he ends his life at the end of the film, and his love interest in the film, he gives all of his money to her and tells her to go off and live her dreams,” she said.

“And as a wheelchair user myself, I find that to be saddening, because it’s portraying this idea that people with disabilities lives are not worth living and that we’re better off dead than disabled.”

The movie’s release has led to protests in London and New York and now Perth and Melbourne.

Trailer for 2016 film Me Before You
Ms Brown said that as a young person she had experienced depression and thoughts of suicide, and had a movie such as Me Before You been around then it “would have adversely affected my mental health and made me feel even more depressed”.

“Because it would have said to me, well, you can’t expect to live a full and rich life, you can’t expect to have sexuality and have romance because you’re a lesser person,” she said.

We need films that represent us without pity: protester
Carly Findlay, one of those protesting the movie, said it did not show the potential for people with disabilities, “the great community that comes out of it, the pride and the success”.

“And while I acknowledge that there are definitely hardships for people with disability, I think that there’s more to our story than that and we keep seeing films that represent that and we need to see more, we need to see a whole person.”

Ms Findlay said she worried that for many people, watching this movie could be their only interaction with anyone with a disability.

“It’s such a big film, it’s had a really big build-up, it’s got two really big stars … so while the drama is valid and the story is valid to an extent, it might be the only perception that people form.”

Ms Findlay and others have tried unsuccessfully to convince other people to boycott it.

“I think that there might be more pity, you know, that people might think oh gosh, life really isn’t worth living,” she said.

"I think that there also might be more support for euthanasia from people that aren’t disabled or haven’t interacted with anyone that have a disability.

"Last night I saw the film with a friend who is also disabled and she was saying that when we left … she felt this awful gaze of filmgoers on her because of how she’s disabled, because of the way she needed to get into her motorised scooter.

“And she said that was really tough on her and she felt that these people had just seen a film about a man whose life wasn’t worth living or he felt his life wasn’t worth living, and then they saw her and that juxtaposition was really difficult for her.”

AM contacted distributor Roadshow to seek a response, but did not receive a reply.

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There are so many controversies surrounding passive/active euthanasia especially when the victim is far much advanced in age and there’s some good money or properties to be inherited. Hii ukileta hapa Kenya utasikia vile wazee wataenda!

Who told you don’t feel it, the last thing to die in carbon monoxide poisoning is the mind. The body is unresposive and the mind is fighting to wake it up and move. The best way to die is to kill the brain first - shoot the brain itself