How Korir spent his Kshs 208 million sportpesa Jackpot winnings

Then there was Mr Cosmas Korir, a Sh208 million jackpot winner.
A Country of Gamblers tracked him down to his Bomet and Eldoret homes.
Mr Korir, who is preparing to run in the 2022 General Election, tells us how he spent his millions.

[SIZE=6]How I spent the Sh208 million[/SIZE]

Korir told the Nation when we visited him at his Bomet home that he got the entire Sh208,765,000 directly into his account. He says the money hit his account as soon as he left Sportpesa offices at Chancery House in Nairobi.

The first thing he wanted was a new car. This saw him buy a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for Sh12 million. Then he had his two betting friends whom he gave Sh5 million each, adding up to Sh10 million. These friends he says were there with him from the very beginning when he was struggling to make ends meet and helped him to place the winning bet.

He then spent Sh2 million to complete his rural house in Bomet that had stalled having run out of cash. He also cleared what was left of a Sh3.5million loan he had taken to construct his house.

Korir then moved to Eldoret where he bought a flat to settle his family, where they are still living to date. At this time, there were too many unsolicited investment advice from friends and well-wishers and he decided to lock Sh130 million in a fixed deposit account to think and process what he needed to do. After about six months, Korir decided to go into real estate where he bought two flats in Kitengela.

He first bought an entire flat of 86 rooms in Kitengela, named it Double KK. This cost him about Sh50 million and he says if fully occupied, it has a monthly rental income of Sh570,000. But he says the challenges of the real estate sector make it difficult to have full occupancy at any given time and they fetch less.
Seeing how lucrative the first flat was, bringing him about Sh400,000 on a good month, he went back to Kitengela and bought a second Flat. This was a mix of 25 one bedroomed houses and 71 bedsitters, bringing it to a total of 96 rooms.

This second flat cost him Sh65 million and it has an estimated rental income when complete and fully occupied of Sh820,000 per month. He has also invested in machinery, and bought several parcels of land in Eldoret. He does not believe any of the other winners were fake and remains a big Sportpesa ambassador to date.
Being a politician, he is currently building a mansion. Unlike the other winners, Cosmas appears to have gotten the best side of everything. He won big by placing the smallest bet, but also most importantly, he had support from the company and friends on how to spend the money so that he doesn’t end up destitute.
To get more details on this, listen to the fourth episode of [I]A Country of Gamblers[/I] podcast.

Kwani winnings za jackpot huwa hazilipiwi tax? We must never forget how the mysterious Abisai vanished after “winning” his 200 million.

Hakuna place alikula lanye?

He is very much around, just staying away from the spotlight


hio ni classified

That’s good thinking, he now has passive income that he will "eat till he transitions to the next world. Hapo Kwa siasa ndio tricky, he needs to be careful coz it has been the Waterloo for many.

Angekuwa from the mountain ange buy probox …he then goes on buying mburoti all the way from kitengela to namanga border while still imbibing githeri cia gifao kwa mama karanja…

Seriously sober and Commendable use/investment of said 208M by Cosma Korir.

Pre 2019 winnings were Tax Exempt

Good for him. Lakini hapo kwa siasa ndio atajua apartments zimejengwa kwa riparian land.

Not bad to the new millionaire. Mimi na uchoyo yangu siwezi pea mtu 5m hata kama ni rafiki, si angeweka same bet. I would rather give them some work to do for me than kugawa pesa. Ikienda sana ni 50k from the 200m.

Wacha pia nijaribu jackpot !

28m kwa mfuko…180 short term government securities.
5m hizi hardy super cows government agencies hu breed.
5m orchard ya hardy fruits.
10m ka keja tu ka simple elegant…1 super master bedroom only…super large living room na ka fully equiped gym…by the way pia kuna a rugby pitch kwa boma pali mzito anaweza fanyanga jogging.
8m na deposit kwa mpesa for miscellanous expenses…maboys wakujange barbecue mara moja doh hapana…hao wananigawianga earnings zao…na msiniwekee kwa wedding commitees…sitaki upus.

Share hio betslip.

I’d have split the 200 million bob between real estate and government papers to get 1% a month ie Kshs 2M .All expenses from za kujenga nyumba to the 10 million alipea his friends zingetoka kwa hio monthly recurrent .
The principal must be protected at all costs

Msee, abisai ni sonko mbaya mbofu. Ni vile anakacheza chini.

but from the billions sportpesa was making add on top tax evasion they could afford to pay out some jackpots .

Man needs to be careful- siasa humaliza pesa haraka haraka.

For a former peasant ametry but he’s about to make the blunder of his life na siasa. Atarudishwa square one na maraiya na aache akichekwa how he lost it all

Swali langu is why did the owner of the apartment block in Kitengela sell it to Korir?

What convinced him to part with an investment that could provide him with passive income for the rest of his life?

He probably sold it to Korir at an inflated price which made it easy for him to let it go.

I would invest in a commercial building e.g occupied residential flat. Dividend paying stock or bonds. Then kiasi ninunue pick up na niweke ngombe za maziwa to stay busy.