How Kenyan Women "Climb" the Ladder of Success and Become Motivational Speakers

he marriage of ex-Standard Media Group boss Sam Shollei and his politician wife Gladys Boss Shollei is dead with the former having found his other rib.
Faith Rono joined the Standard Media Group as an intern and later a correspondent based in Eldoret bureau.
The hard-working woman soon bypassed senior reporters to head company’s corporate affairs at a time her lover was the CEO.





How dare you say she used her vagina to get to where she is? She’s a strong, hardworking, independent woman:D:D:D

Good for her.

…who has shown it’s possible for a dynamic woman with dreams can break the glass ceiling in a male dominated field.

…and it shows that anything is possible with hard work, what a man can do a woman can do better.

Girl power! You go girl! Heheheee

What a man can do a woman can do better!

Giving all sort of speeches at her former high school to encourage girls to work hard

The female species will always find there way out at whatever cost.skuizi ata ukiskia khupipi amepandishwa cheo unakua na wasiwasi

You can tell she has been on her knees alot…praying.

yes…that is a very sexist and disrespectful comment…

Wewe si uuze mkundu pia. In this world everyone is doing their best to move forward in life, kama hulishi mtu achana na yeye

Is it really worth it, losing a home in Kitisuru, the rural home and the respect of your kids? Kwani haezi kula hizi vitu chini ya maji as you keep your wife. kids and the wealth? And then why rush into another marriage, with a lady who dumped you temporarily when she learnt you won’t be keeping the Kitusuru home? Beats me, but am just a stranger…

Hii kitu lazima Gedion alikula combi na shollei

Important question, dame alirudi kwanini?