How Kenya Kwisa went on a multi billion luxury spending spree after poll win

Waah. Unbelievable. I thought they found only 93m kwa account?

“Hustlers budget: How Ruto’s government spent Sh4bn on luxuries after poll win | Nation”

Hio gazeti inasema eti they have spent 22.6 billion of fuel subsidies even though they scrapped the subsidy?



Treasury also proposes to more than double State House’s allocation from Sh4.3 billion to Sh8.8 billion and raise Mr Gachagua’s office budget from Sh1.7 billion to Sh2.6 billion.

Hehe …walitumia 100M (allegedly) ya furniture pekee statehouse

Chuma za mbao mbao. 120kg. Ni kuendesa pekee. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

Meanwhile telling Kenyans to donate for draught relief and claiming the coffers are empty. But Kenya Kwisha faggots will defend them vehemently.

Mjinga mwenye ako na mitoto ushirini Kama wewe homosexual dio wanafeel tax . I think we are undertaxed

Kwani shida iko wapi wakisaidia wengine? Do you only help when you have excess?