How Jkuat awarded Fake PhDs

At JKUAT, out of the 118, PhDs awarded, the College of Human Resource Development had the biggest number of PhDs (89) of which 40 were Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration).
The fewest doctorates were in the fields of science and technology, areas which the university is best known for.
School of Engineering only managed to produce four PhDs, College of Agriculture, for which the university is named, only produced six PhDs, and College of Pure and Applied Sciences produced seven PhDs while the College of Health Sciences produced 10 PhDs.
CUE has since announced that it will investigate how the whole process that led to the award of the doctorate degrees was conducted following public outcry.
In its investigations, CUE will be looking at the defense procedures, supervision of the programs, among others as it moves to protect the credibility of doctorate and master’s degree programs in Kenya.
CUE has powers to revoke such degrees.
Kenyans had questioned why the university was producing many PhDs with no innovations despite being an agriculture and technology institution.
Experts in education also questioned the quality of the thesis submitted by the doctorate graduates noting that at the PhD level, students cannot talk about the effects and influence of an issue in a research topic.
“Some of these research theses are supposed to have been undertaken by undergraduate or masters students,” said a lecturer of a public university who did not want to be named for fear of victimization.

Education for money.

The ones with fake doctorates will violently insist you call the Doktari.

Jkuart ni chieth. Ruto alisoma saa ngapi na kazi was launching ghost projects.

That was UON…but don’t let facts and common sense get in the way of a good argument.

kuna pastor wa huko ocha nowadays wanamuitaga daktari. phd yake haijulikani alisomea nini. @TrumanCapote knows what happened at JKUAT

Ruto alisoma na ingekua si siasa angekua mbali sana. Jamaa alikua anafanya masters 1992.

So how exactly did they award the degrees. The heading and body haziko pamoja.

Daystar githeri journalists

pole kwao

What’s wrong with 108 people getting a PhD… mnataka zitrimiwe kama A za matiangi ama?..

Mkunduwo! :meffi::meffi:

Our fake so-called Graduates on notice… :D:D:D


Something did not go right there, when you find a lecturer superivising 8 phd students and he is still teaching and conducting adminstrative duties… you wonder. Pesa inatafutwa bila haya, hii ni jkuat polytechnic

few months latter uon graduated 105 so whats the big difference between uon and jkuat. CUE is pure chieth and has something against jkuat, few weeks ago they said that they want to close a jkuat campus in a certain town because of noise the irony is, it is directly opposite uon

You are quoting a June 2019 post. Same JKUAT graduated over 100 PhD’s in December 2019.