How it works.

Hii story ya Elgiva Bwire na watu wao being kidnapped ama sijui nini naona imeleta speculation, theories, hypothesis etc mob na blame game among elders; mara ATPU mara judiciary yada yada. From my understanding and knowledge; non is really to blame/or at fault at least not entirely. So let’s start from the beginning. It all starts pale NIS. So pale NIS there is a special unit that is dedicated to counter terrorism and high profile national security threats code named “The Arctic”. This unit is funded, trained and equipment with the latest and world class intelligence gathering, surveillance and tracking technology and technique by British secret intelligence service (SIS) commonly known as MI6. This unit tho’ NIS work directly with their MI6 handlers and report back to MI6 liason office/agents within the NIS. Whenever a target is identified and based on the level of threat they are called upon and the intelligence/operations might or may not be shared with the rest of NIS/security apparatus but on a need to know basis only. So MI6 and NIS identifies the threat, locates the targets, does surveillance and gathers intelligence and advice on probable cause of action to it’s counterpart.The CIA. Their job in the hierarchy of things is to act on whatever intelligence provided by MI6/NIS “Arctic”. They are the muscle. It should be noted tho’ they also provide a great deal of intelligence but to MI6 who with the Arctic act on it. The CIA on their part run a specialised paramilitary unit within recce and just like their British counter parts the CIA fund,equip and train (all training is done in the US at CIA/state department facilities including a naval academy in Maryland and also at the CIA’s top secret facility “the farm” in Virginia ).The Rapid Response Team(RTT) code named “Rendition team” a name they got from their original purpose which was tracking n capturing terrorist targets wanted by the Americans for rendition back to US before they evolved to include covert/overt counter-terrorism. Again they only take orders/report to their CIA handlers and liason office unless in response to emergency active high profile acts of terror ie Dusit. They operate/are housed from a secret base in Ruiru away from other recce units. They are highly mobile, airborne and on high alert 24/7. Just like NIS arctic; their operations are not limited to our borders but across the horn and the region. They are known to pick high value targets from DRC, Uganda, Somalia or anywhere within the region as required for that matter. For efficiency, secrecy and to avoid any leaks or being compromised they are often briefed on the target,location and objective on the move by their CIA paramilitary liason/handlers. Incase of the need for prior briefings on situation awareness or mock drills, they have a secret location with zero outside communication not even family. Again all actionable intelligence on targets are only shared if at all with other security agencies on a need to know basis only. Often they don’t. The British n Americans only trust their own teams with high value intelligence. Additionally the Americans FBI thro’ state department operates Crisis Response Team (CRT), which specialises in surveillance,hostage rescue but also offer high value US interest, Embassy and diplomatic covert protection and sometimes supports the RRT on tactical operations. The Americans also have the newly formed and first ever overseas based FBI hq outside the states; the Joint Terrorism Task Force-Kenya(JTTF-K). The first training for a team compromising 26 agents picked from various fields and agencies with NIS help and vetting was done at FBI training academy in Quantico, Virginia. The Israeli’s not to be left out; thro’ their external spy agency Mossad operates a separate Recce squad ‘special team’, composed partly of former RRT and CRT officers, known as the Special Anti-Terror Team (SATT), a team dedicated to foreign VIP protection and covert patrols of Kenya’s five-star hotels and as a backup for their embassy. This units specifically tho’ by law and constitutionally are under the jurisdiction and command of their parent agencies in this case NIS and NPS; in reality they are completely independent of them. They are not to be deployed for any operation by the higher command without permission from their various foreign agencies liason office under any circumstances apart as mentioned for active acts of terrorism. NIS is the main liason between foreign intelligence agencies, government and other security agencies. This cooperation and arrangement is an initiative by both foreign partners and NIS directorate who were considered the most trusted, professionals, capable and serious in their conduct. Under then NIS director Michael Gichangi who foreign intelligence considered a “world-class spymaster who was very polished and very glib”. The NIS developed a liason cell dedicated to working with MI6, CIA and Mossad. So NIS is basically the lead agency on all mojar counter terrorism activities/operations backed by recce RTT,CRT and SATT who are technically NIS paramilitary units in liason with foreign intelligence agencies.Press coverage of these operations tend to pinpoint Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) as being responsible. But while the ATPU are involved in some operations, those deemed high-risk or high-value are led by the RRT, at times with CRT support. Therein lies the problem. ATPU are often clueless of the happening until after the fact yet are required to claim arrest/capture of suspects and present them in court in a short period with little knowledge and understanding on intelligence, facts or solid evidence. This resulted in judiciary acquitting many terror suspects for lack of concrete evidence. Eventuall ATPU/ NPS command got sick of playing lapdog for NIS and RTT and their handlers and stopped claiming responsibility for this arrest. NIS /RTT where extremely reluctant and weary of court appearance. RTT guys actually flatty refused such expose. The result … no taking of suspects. That’s when they started executing them live live. Sources claimed " You can brief Trump and tell him ‘the Kenyans just went and killed five targets unilaterally’ and Trump’s going to be like ‘and your point is? These are bad guys right? So with zero oversight and successive US administrations giving little shit about CIA operations … they went on a killing spree of terror suspects. That’s how they keep ur azz safe.

Hawa watu nilisoma wanalipwa 20k basic salary, very irresponsible ju they can be deployed as personal militia for the highest bidder.

Leta summary ama udeenyer mbuzi huko vichakani .

Wewe brary Pokot mwisi wa mifugo niaje?

Umeishi huku hio miaka yote na hujui kuweka paragraphs? Wachana na Bwire afinywe. Serikal knows what it’s doing.

assuming that this long winded rumble is true - @Brayo44ki , si unaona popos have immense resources at their disposal?

Ni assistant ameandika … I just dictate.

Thats what’s up. Trust me.

hizo ndio gani? :D:D

Halafu wakina uwesmek wakikupiga makumbo unakimbia kulialia idi admin?

Those units operate completely independent of the NPS, they follow orders from the US and Brits, NPS huwa lapdog ya wanasiasa and the courts wameamua it’s their turn to eat.

You have used the word CIA at least 10 times.
Too complicated to be reality. All this CIA, M16, Mossad just to catch a guy called Bwire. A self confessed Shabab agent. A simple phone tap by CID at Safaricom will give you his movement.

He is talking about anti terrorism operations in Kenya bwirre is just a single case

Nice analysis, straight out of a movie script.

nice read,

but plainclothes ATPU and others wakifanya hizi kidnapping/killings in broad daylight , huwa wame inform the whole security apparatus in the area au niaje sijawai skia shoot out ya hata polisi mmoja na hawa majamaa . na wakipea area security apparatus info kwamba wanaland mahali si kuna likelihood a mole in the police atawauza ?

coz according to the excerpt umesema hawa NIS/CIA millitary unit huwa wanapewa action plan on site

This is bad. I am sure they use this power to kill non-terrorists