How It Feels To (sort of) Semi-Commit To A Woman

I threw away Kamba. She was a complete waste of time. Somali connection broke down. I honestly do miss her, but am not the type to communicate with someone who obviously doesn’t want to, no matter how much I miss her. She walked away, and if that’s what’s best for her am good with it. So which leaves me with Kyuk. In hindsight, I realize I was a fool not to stick to her. I may have dated Som slightly earlier, but I definitely knew Kyuk first. Both were 18 when I first met them. Both fresh from high school. Both knew absolutely nothing about life. With time both have become formidable in their own rights. But the one thing I never realized at the time, but I realize now. I don’t have to fight against a whole culture, a whole clan to win this battle. If we eliminate Kamba, who honestly was a horrible err in judgement. I only really ever had one genuine choice.

Okay with that out of the way here is my observation.

The moment you lock in on a woman, she starts to respond to you less. While she could have eaten off my feet just a few months ago, now she’s feeling all prima donna. Now she can ignore my calls. And delay responding to my texts till the time is opportune for her. When she knew I was willing to cash in on my Social Market Value, if I said jump, she asked how high.

It’s not a new revelation obviously. Most people who are in the manosphere kinda know this. But it hits different when you simp up and then start to experience it. Next stage is always that she will get the courage to cheat. ALWAYS. I’ve always said here that I don’t think Kyuk would cheat. The probability is there, but it is negligible in my opinion. But if I keep this trajectory we are on going. The propensity to cheat has no other way to go but up. Generally speaking, I have had no problem with 99% of the women I have been with cheating. But age is creeping up. Then at some point I realised I had a problem with Kamba cheating. Especially when she was trying to play me a fool and other times I’d have gladly played the fool to keep banging her. But something snapped. I’m too old for this shit.

What next? I wonder too. My guess? Detach myself sufficiently enough that se starts eating off my feet again.

Interesting Hekaya.

Have you considered that the reason they respond less is because relationships tend to make men act beta?


I think you mean monogamous relationships. My grandpa never acted beta. He polygamized his family and still kept young chics in the circle.

Lucky you, tall mnyama everywhere can only cash in on prostitutes

If the prostitutes are worth it why not? I’ve cashed in on quite a number myself over the years, even dated 1 and semi-dated another.

I’d pay a million bucks to get inside the head of a man who has dated a whore.
How you rationalize something that goes against men’s nature.

Wait, that’s cuckoldry. No need to explain

Mkamba mjinga illiterate niaje? Kathonzweni kumenyesha?

i think he was doing it for free slices, well not really free but convenient access since you have to pay in some way

It’s kinda simple when you can transcend basic animal instincts, particularly jealousy.
Also at both points I was spoilt for choice. Particularly, at the point of dating the Thai whore. I had double digit long term prospects from multiple different countries, so cuckoldry is a ridiculous assessment.
The second last point is even whores are human. They are more cut throat, and more natured and nurtured to take advantage of male weakness. But they are still human with a lot to offer beyond their occupation.
Finally, I’ve been a hedonist and a nihilist for the longest.

If sex was the basis of your relationship, what do you expect? Just like candy, your senses normalize to its taste when it is remains in the mouth for long. Find ways to keep interested

wacha ujinga bana

Niki ?nikyau yuyu Mr chapu . Nendete chokosh manenos like nansense .tuma sya gibleys kana ngumine kasia kaa

Vile nyundo amesema

Si umerudia hii hekaya. I read it awhile ago. Wacha ubwakni

Cut & dump.

Dude wacha nikuambie for the upteenth time…stop overthinking these relationships. I don’t think you are cut for marriage or you are not ready yet. Marrying is all about taking a very big risk…leave alone kuzaa watoto na mtu sio wenyu. In short the vibe MUST feel right…don’t force it please.
Heri ukae bila partner rather than marry because you feel you should.

Kenyan men are not under pressure when it comes to marriage. Not like women. I can’t tell you how many times my relatives used to ask me ‘nitaolewa lini’ kana nindonire mundu bla bla bla…

Please kaa tuu vile ulivyo, when the right one comes along utajua tuu. Altho mi najua Msomali akijitokezea…hao wengine hawatakuona tena:D.

@Finest I have no more chance with somali