How it feels to earn 100k p.m.

Challenge accepted. Next year a time like this I will report back.

Good. Save kabisa.

niko na kplc huleta 15 lowest, saf, na kakuzi

Kwani unaeza vaccine ya corona

This is very comprehensive. Sande. Will read and re-read.

1 & 2. Rent bedsitter ni 10k. On sherehe is well noted. Nitacontrol io sector.
3. I have decent electronics and furniture. Nita upgrade when I finally move to 1 br house.
4.I can comfortably save kendu 80k p.m. Currently my biggest expense ni 10k ya rent.
5. This is a good observation. I am purchasing a diary today.
6. Hapo ndo sina idea. Though na save na money market as I learn more.
7. One of a young bachelor’s dream.
8. Bado job haijastabilize. Naeza tumwa any part of this country any time. It’s quite risky to build alafu nikue transferred.
9. Noted.
10. Asante.

Kumbe umeficha wisdom… mi hukujua tu na your anthem aka…[SIZE=6] [/SIZE][SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]“hapo nalipa 150 and you know what I do next…”[/SIZE]


Follow this advice and you will move from keg to changaa in a few months

First, congrats for the milestone.

Secondly, try to maintain hio lifestyle ulikuwa unaishi. Maybe move to one bedroom na ushike ka demio or Vitz. Hata Mimi hununuanga skuma tu kwa kibanda and I net close to 150, Nothing wrong with that, maisha ni yako

Lastly, try invest in passive income, it will give you some sense of purpose in that hutakaa ukitegemea salo pekee

Enjoy, YOLO

Congratulations on the salary increase and rate of saving. I would look at researching and investing in US stocks that you can monitor online for the long term and earn dividends. With your emergency savings (6 months of living expenses)look for a bank that gives the best rates for a high interest savings account since most of them offer rates below inflation. In the meantime continue building that warchest and don’t forget to treat yourself after reaching a certain target…make it fun.

Kama gani chanua bashela tafasali

You seem like a man with a plan.
Jah bless…nothing more nothing less.

Sadly this is true. But I am unbothered because:

  1. My employer took me in before I even graduated and took me through rigorous training to get to where I am. And I am still learning daily as I work under him. He is my mentor in the industry.

  2. I cannot practice on my own since I’m still in the process of acquiring relevant certifications and have not attained the minimum years of experience required for private practice.

Ergo, I am happy toiling for him. By the time we part ways, i’m confident that nitakua mbali saana.

Wishing you well Elder.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Amen!

how does one do that?

Yaani unakuwanga na mawaidha…si tu directory na bei ya ma lanye

Very high savings rate.
You have a chance ya accumulate a lot of money FAST and build wealth
Unasave more than most married people with incomes of 200-300k+

Enda MTGOW kidogo … If you get a live-in girlfriend/wife soon, you will barely save 30k monthly (house upgrade, electronics, furniture, high food costs, allowance, dates, electricity - I spend 45-60k p.m. kwa recurrent stuff, no sherehe, no car expenses, NO kid yet)

Since uko employed, her contribution won’t justify the expenses.
In short, endea vile uko and stay away from women.

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Correction: You are in a comfort zone. But keep on saving. That’s the only good thing coming out of this. Do not feel indebted to him ati juu alikutoa mbali. No. You are toiling hard for him. Get that certificate as soon as you can and grow further.

You are on the right path, don’t hurry to get married. Just do your thing in silence.

Ishi tu vile umekua ukiishi, focus na job, kama Larry Madowo. Mtu yeyote yule mwenye hakuli capital huwa rich forever.

Hapana kuwa distracted na vitu zengine kama side hustles