How it feels to earn 100k p.m.

What is the first thing you’d do if/when your salary/income doubles?

I used to earn 46k. A few months ago, I did some work that later turned out to be seriously outstanding. My boss took note and bumped my salo to 85k. Presently, with a few allowances here and there, I net 100k p.m.

Thing is, I used to admire 6-figure employees, and imagined how different my life would be. And now here I am; I still down keg at my local. Mboga bado nakula tu ile ya 10bob. Life ni ile ile kwa bedshitter- largely the same. [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][SIZE=2]Lakini nimepanda uber mara mbiri sasa na sikuskia uchungu:D:D. I know this is peasantry in ktalk books, lakini msiniletee. [/SIZE]

Nonetheless, my savings are growing like weeed; and that makes me happy. Dio io thermol ya 6 months’ savings apo chini.

What is the first thing you’d do if/when your salary/income doubles?

[SIZE=1][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]And since I have to marinate this thread… MGTOW= freedom. Staki kusema na nguvu waniskie. [/SIZE]


Save save save save kunywa keg and start investing in passive income btw ziko do your research

Do you have a wife and kids?

Vile xtrail amesema.

100K per month is just good but in the current economy na uko na family you just break even.

Try and save 12K each month for 48 months. Ujinyime kabisa and assume you are making 88K

Passive income kama gani? Just one example

20 20 50 rule… you will make mistakes but save the bulk of it kwa interest account plus invest in shares… huletaga between 30 to 50 kila end year

Nikutumie till number ya place niko urushe 400 niongeze kitu nakula we celebrate your achievement?

Good for you… once you hit 2m in net assets you can proudly call yourself a member of the 1%

If he is MGTOW nakwabia in a few years he will be set.

also waiting for the answer

Which companies, za kenya ama majuu?

It seems what you are doing is something that is making your boss 100 times or more of what you are making…No employer will ever double your salary just like that.
Congratulations. Continue being enslaved.
Or you can invest in the same venture and make your millions…BYOB kijanaa.

Congratulation, live and enjoy life.

waturedio nyamaza. Kama halalamiki hakuna shida

Seriously. Admean si you at least congratulate the fellow bana.

Wewe najua ni birrionea so unashindwa 100K ni nini.

Hope hauku show bibi/kunguru umepata salary increment.
[li]Usi upgrade your rent kwanza unless it is a small house. Na isipite 15k kama uta upgrade[/li][li]Budget ya Sherehe na lanye isipite 5k per month[/li][li]Upgrade luku, your electronics and Furniture [/li][li]Save atleast 20k per month.[/li][li]Note down on a diary your milestones. [/li][li]Buy any asset with cash unless its an investment worth millions get a loan with affordable payment plan and minimum interest[/li][li]Buy a car . You have to be Mobile. [/li][li]Buy land and make a house. Depending on how you job contract is, take a loan finish the house as quickly uachane na landlord ASAP[/li][li]Usisahau ya parents increase their gratitude per month[/li][li]Finally Pray and thank God for the blessing[/li][/ol]

I have already congratulated him. Whatever he is doing, his boss finds a lot of value in it…literally. For someone to double your salo just like that it means he/she wants to keep you for the long haul…So that you make them more money.
@Itchy Nerdy evaluate yourself and your priorities and don’t be fooled. We employers always have the priority of maximising profit and minimising costs first then others follow.

Nimepiga hesabu na nimeona i’ve been saving an average of 90-100k each month. Before the raise nilikua nasave 30k on average.

My largest expense ni rent, na ni 10k. Another 10k caters for other expenditure during the month.

@Itchy Nerdy soma hii advice iko sawa.