How Israeli hackers meddled in Kenyan elections


A group of Israeli disinformation contractors hacked into email and social media accounts of senior election officials and President William Ruto’s close allies just days before the 2022 polls, an investigative report has revealed.

A consortium of journalists across the world has been investigating how Israeli national Tal Hanan led a team of disinformation experts in manipulating dozens of elections across the world.

The journalists posed as potential clients, and held several meetings with the Israelis, some of which were secretly recorded.

Details of the investigation and findings of the international consortium of journalists have been revealed in a series of stories published by UK-based media outlet, TheGuardian.

While the media house did not name the officials, local Kenyan media outlets report that digital campaign strategist Dennis Itumbi was one of two Ruto allies who had their social media accounts hacked.

Itumbi said that his Telegram account was hacked and used to join several political groups. In some instances, his account was used to spread disinformation.

However, Itumbi insisted that UDA did not hire any foreigners to spread disinformation during the election period.

He said that the only foreign technology experts that the party interacted with were the two Indian nationals – Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and Zaid Sami Kidwai – who went missing weeks to the General Election, alongside their driver Nicodemus Mwania.

The Israeli national hacked into a Gmail account owned by a personal assistant to an unnamed senior Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) official.

The report does not indicate whether there were further successful attempts to infiltrate either election officials or systems that were used during the polls.



What is the point of this story?

This piece was done so badly just a day after that Azimio ethical hacking claim… so badly, and then they included Itumbi’s face for every discerning mind to know how lowly the government thinks of the kawaida person who consumes such prokopanda. Anywhere you find Itumbi, we jua his belieers are about to be fed hogwash.

Nabii should get a better prokopanda peddler.

Being a baba follower is a full time job.

Kenyans have refused to move on from last year’s elections, What’s with this obsession?