How is this done?

Wanatumia tech tools gani kudecorate the building hivi? Am blonde*[ATTACH=full]327449[/ATTACH]

Blonde ya fake hair haitambuliki subsaharan

certainly there is a way otherwise it wouldn’t have been done

There alot of advanced technologies out there. Check out method studios. People are doing amazing things using light.

This is a video of a 3D lazer projection on a building. Makes the KICC one look like child’s play.
I am not an expert on this in fact I wondered the same myself but seeing your question spurred me to investigate.

Led/laser projection.

Wow thanks for this. Checking it out

They have tiny LCD screens which are merged to produce a large image

Unfeasible hapo KICC. That would require the entire building juu hadi chini to have LCD screens. I think it’s an LCD projector.

I would go with projectors. But I can’t tell if white colour can be projected as this is usually a white screen or projection surface. Too lazy to Google.

acheni ushamba banae , looks projected… kwani mko na i.q ya @digi

Tusizoeane mono bolla.