How is this an offer?

[ATTACH=full]98193[/ATTACH] Safaricom thieves, I get 150mbs with 50/=, 100/= will translate to 300mbs. So if I pay 5/= less I get 15mbs less.

How is that an offer really?

They are out there to make money

Can’t relate,peasants problem

Orange gives you 400 mbs for 50/=.

Ukikamuliwa kubali na utulie.

Mbona shida nyingi hivi? They were not expecting you to read and analyse the special offer.

Monobollic unatumia Huawei

Yes, TAG -L21

Offer my foot. Saf hawanaga tabia. Airtel Unliminet gives you 200 MB for 50 bob and when they are done, you can still do 256k for the rest of the day (24 hours).

Ni sawa na vile wewe husema, “Happy Hour! Buy one gorogoro, get a free 4 foot straw free of charge.”
Bure kabisa.

happy hour kwa kisiagi

Kisiagi iko na busaa lounge nyuma.

Safcon ni meffi sana. 1000 bob kwa Airtel gives me 400 minutes and 2000 SMS to any network plus 2GB. Kama ni kwa Collymore 1K will only be 250 minutes