How Irritating People with a Fake Accent Sound


The accent being mocked

First off Willie madisha is an ancouth and illiterate somehow (studied teaching in a college) like that guy you voted into government ,Gideon Mbuvi. While he made fun of Minister Pandor,you should know she’s studied in universities of london ,havard and stellenbosch amongst others which were white predominant…she ended up with accents no doubt. It irritates people because of their inferiority complex.
FYI ,i do have an accent and i get people irrited much like madisha especially cops and other people working for the republic…if you know you know

nonsense… keep your colonized minds in your fucking colonized assholes… mzungu akikuja huku anachukua accent?? you’re a disgrace to your race

I believe you.

Hong hong hong

Micymas ni meffi in my eyes

Chokora umeiba simu ngapi jana

You want to tell us ulienda Punjabi university for a few years ukarudi na accent ya kihindi? Achaga mcheso nani

The problem is adapting a foreign accent and without mastering their pronunciation and accentuation, makes someone sound fake. Take for example a kid born in england and raised there, when he or she visits here you can tell his/her accent is authentic.

What was wrong with the lady’s accent in the first place? The language was fluent despite the twang which many in the parliament found intimidating and snobbish…cant blame them

I cant even start arguing with you,you’re in too deep with your backwardness. What has an accent have to do with disgrace. You wear western clothes,type and speak in english on a western phone not to be seen as uneducated, need i say more?

Its called a typo,Rudolf Hess.You correct everyones grammar on the internet? Please tell me more about how you are so intellectually superior.My fingers are not small enough for phone typing,maybe yours are Glad you saw it feel free to check for mistakes grammar Nazi

Its possible.
You, i cant even begin. If you live in ENGLISH speaking country long enough you tend to acquire the twang for easy conversation especially pronounciatioms. You live in an arab country. You have filipinos who pronounce burger as burger with guttoral ‘R’,where as you pronounce it a ‘baga’ and they try to understand you, get my point? I bet not,you wouldnt be up in arms if the twang didnt bother you. I beg to differ though kush,you are smatter than this

Its not adopting but rather adapting. The rest try to mimic.The problem here is clearly black on black hating but you cant blame anyone. Intimidation,like i said,is the root cause. If a white went to a british school and came back with posh english,he’ll be highly regarded…they all speak english …makes sense? .Here its different,people speak swahili therefore their english is just fluent,so,when a black speaks precise english with twang …there you have it,chaos.
There are kids here in kenya studying in high end schools speaking twanged english and no swahili…people tend to point them out. You have people like Gideon Moi,his english is twanged,kenyans went crazy when he said doktari…really?

My point is a fake twang is audible from a mile away. But I guess im preaching to self conscious people here.

it is ok to tweng as long as you can be understood, the lady was ok. As i said tweng and be fluent :smiley:

Hong hong hong. Nobody was intimidated. They’re just irritated. Hong?!

Thats the thing i tried to drive but all doubt was established by the vexation of the villagers.

Sorry but you are more irritating than madisha. I can tell what shocks,excites and surprises you going by your response. Its like fighting with an armless opponent. Hong hong hong,happy?

Hong hong! Hoooong!??

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Mshienzi unaongelea accent na inferiority complex?? Replace inferiority complex with sell out

Out of curiosity, ukona accent ya wapi mujamaa?

Accent kama ya patel I suppose, he wobbles his head akiongea:D:D

Hio kutingisa kichwa hunikatsia sana