How Inferior Is The Black Race?

Are they salvageable? They are pre-occupied with people and events; never issues! A black shithead invests in knowing about America more than what the American does to know his own country! Kenyans complain after their kin is buried in shallow graves(where were you?), they complain when Chinese throw them out of their houses/hotels. Only the Nigerian Consulate stood firm, where was Sarah Serem and the overfed Rachel Omamo?

Hey pussies a man liveth and dyeth once. Let them complain about who dideth that to them, obnoxious sissies you are! Stand firm as one, and the weak shall rally around you. If in Kenya…Ask Miguna, ask Ruto, ask Raila…I saw a police officer draw a gun in a charcoal drama in a remote coastal town; none got scared. He was asking for bribes. They stood firm…In Uganda as Idi Amin( not Museveni)…

So, plan ahead so that you “kill” at least one before they kill you, plan ahead so that you save humanity without waiting to be saved. And on that note, may all the weaklings die of Covid 19. We are tired of helping! We just saw Google and Apple steal our contact tracing idea… And, whites do that all the time! Thank God they are inferior creatures who traverse the whole world to steal patent rights, …and they invite a few desperados super slaves to work in their techno-labs!

Why do we write this? The idea is to confirm that it is not possible for Africa to have sent students to US Ivy League schools( Havard, Yale etc ) for over 50 years… and these Africans did well in their classes, but ended up inventing or perfecting zero? Kiraitu Murungi was in Havard, and Charity Ngilu was not! Let us gauge relevance of education! The story is repeated all over Africa!

In fact, Mandela was a compromised sell-out! He shared a Nobel prize with a serial murderer, a Mr De Klerk. That was a way of manipulation. There is no way a man who was in prison for 27 years could have retained a good grasp of the country trends! No wonder blacks are still in destitution. In the meantime the same Blacks are being set against each other in order to sidestep White hegemony, and they call it xenophobia? Who knew a term xenophobia existed! They put it in the dictionary just the other day! No, listen to Julius Sello Malema. Whites have more wealth in Africa than all Blacks(combined). Forget about petty billionaires like Strive Masiyiwa who are all white conduits for pilferage! Even Black timid Dangote is a little ass broker! Such mega-failures are in all African countries and they never empower their citizenry economically!

The story is repeated all over…where greedy dirty ass brokers masquerade as FORBES dollar billionaires! The Angolan night whore got smoked out too! I choose not to remember her name. Was she of the “oligarch” in Angola? …

only arabs really understood the black man coz they observed them for a long time from the 1st century …the pork haters didn’t have nice things to say !

I respect your position. I am alive to our sisters being mistreated in Arab countries. I am aware of a royal family who was taken to court in America. I believe that we be our sister’s keepers! And, we invest in education, and learn about the meaning and origin of wealth. Arab, White, Indian, Elephant…oh, they protect their own!

It’s the mindset that’s the problem,the people who decide what was to be taught to Africans from the very start to now and even beyond now were never Africans.So Africans have their thinking shaped and also what they believe is possible by what they are taught from early childhood.The day when Africans will actually decide what is to be taught to their children is the day when transformation will be witnessed.

K-talk is little community, yet a good sample for a specific purpose, and it is growing! How about effecting changes at the basic level? Charity Ngilu has done well, despite the corruption…Of course she steals!

I have never found you nor your comments to be intelligent. You sound like a very low iq baboon that thinks he is a genius.

Arabs themselves have not invented anything either. They may be more stupid than Africans. Depending 100 percent on their oil instead of their brains. Importing all the engineering and other technical labour force from Europe, India and Africa.

Arabs did make some important discoveries in mathematics

Arabs are responsible for algebra, numeric codes, ethanol, geometry, glass manufacturing, lenses and many other items without which the world as we know it would not function.

List of inventions in the medieval Islamic world - Wikipedia

The one thing that has let them down badly is extremist religion which is the same cancer that infects most Africans.

The fact that the pyramids were built by Africans debunks any claim that other races actually discovered mathematics.Mathematics was there from the very beginning,it’s the language of the universe,so no one can actually claim to create it.Think of it this way,you have a blank space,the very second an atom appears in that blank space,you have mathematics.

So muratina was discovered by arabs?

Yes in the 12th century. What have they done ever since?

Yes. In the 12th century. What have they done ever since?

Tony254 or whoever chooses to assess peoples’ IQ on this forum; Just remember when Mr Trump was asked about the metrics he was using to arrive at issues on Covid-19, he confidently pointed at his head. Always remember that you are as smart as you feel and you need no validation from persons who award no certificates! And even if they did, you might not be enthusiastic about their certificates. Stay positive, speak negative for fun, neutralize egos for equity! Ha ha ha !

I agree with you. Ancient Egyptians and most importantly the Ancient Kush Empire that colonized and conqured ancient Egypt in the 25th dynasty were black Africans. King Taharqa of Ancient Kush who controlled the whole of present day Sudan and the whole of Egypt was so powerful by ruling the two kingdoms that he was mentioned in the bible as the Ethiopian King who rescued the children of Israel from Assyrian army. Read Hezekiah 37-9. It says:

Then the king of Assyria got a report that said, “King Tirhakah[a] of Ethiopia is coming to fight you.

Blacks from kush ruled the whole of Egypt in the 25th dynasty. Even if you don’t believe that the Egyptians were black, every archeologist and Egyptologist agrees that the people of Kush were black and yet they conquered ancient Egypt and ruled over it for 80 years. @Hacktivist @Ndindu know you history, don’t hate on yourself. Read guys, read.

The power of now is so strong! Blacks are getting it done!

They designed and invented OIL

Oil? or OIL…is that an acronym?

Nelson Mandela had never witnessed the behavior of his free black brethren before his release. What he found was a black man with a screwed mentality. Fucked up in the head. The effect of apartheid. That is why he resigned. He could not help them. He remains a hero. Malema is just another character looking for free land. And ownership in corporations. The dudes been taking bribes all his life. He turned to militancy after his properties got auctioned off for failure to pay.

That confirms that he was a stooge, meant to placate Black mentality!