How I stole a 'Kuma' from a hot lady in Nairobi CBD after luring her into a lodging..

Hehe, the guy is always crazy… I guest ni talker hapa…hehe


Must have been an Electronic one…

Una bahati huyo si malaya sugu. A real whore would chase you and tear off your shirt akipiga nduru

where is the gif of things that did not happen

Haha …Sons Of KING DAVID

Huyu ni hekayarist wa hapa tu.

Beta meo inanyonya kuma ya random hawker picked in the streets of Nairobi?

Hizi ujinga za Facebook usilete Hapa.

If you’ve read a hekaya on ktalk you will know hiyo hata mtu hafwi kufungua thread and waste bundles

Hekaya za Abunwasi.

@uwesmake kuom kiasi

:D:D:D:D kali but fake story but hapo kwa super sonic speed after kuchunishwa kales ni kama ni ule homomidget @Panyaste★ amechora


I have met that Denzel guy.
He writes CVs and diploma projects
That’s how he ends up sleeping with stupid girls

Whoever you are…you have at least 6748⁵ years to realize your worth…that’s too much shîet in a narrative

If he wrote your cv you are no different from the girls.

Si ilikuwa imeoshwa.kwani iko nene??

Things that never happened


You are too evil