How i lost my virginity

first off I am a telugu, and wasnt born in this country. I came here when i was 7; dad had got a job at a cane ferrying company in Mumias. That tells you i had a stint at bookers academy! Anyway, when we came here, dad and mum were trying to send money back home to help out with those that we left. Over time, we have 3 more related families from our neighbourhood who came to work.
Dad got a two bedroom house from the employer. That meant that my parents occupied one while me and my brother the other. He slept on the top decker. We were growing up big, but it is not the mundu mulosi ugali taht did it. We were passing adolescence.
One day my brother said he was feeling malaria. He was trembling badly. Dad was away and as expected mum didnt have much money since the trip to south india always drained our family finances as dad went with enough to take care of issues there. Mum gave him medicine and he soon felt better before supper.
We went to bed with him ok. But after some few minutes, brother said that the cold was coming back. He requested that i join him in bed for warmth. I obliged coz what could possibly go wrong? it was raining and thunderstorms characteristic in western and nyanza provinces. We pressed together for warmth; his warmth. He requested that i hug him in bed and stay in that position. it felt good. soon we were touching touching each other.

When he forced in, it was pain. My nipples were hard threatening to shoot off, or crack or something.

That was my first sexual experiences

We continued with our escapades till i left for Nairobi for campus. We dont do it nowadays nor talk about it

WTF. … What did I just read???

Ferked your brother. …



That explains your psychopathic tendencies binjwa scrotum…na ndugu yako alikupasulia mayai kwa matako kwa miaka ngapi?
Anyway another one drop kicks the closest

hii thread inafaa kua kwa hekaya

Indians udinyana brother and sister…its nuthin new.

whaat an interesting, twisted world we live in!

Hawa watu wahame Kenya physically and virtually nini hii sasa?


Ungeniletea… .badala upee bro mkia

If you feel that you have to talk about this case of incest, you should contact a psychiatrist. It is no topic to discuss it in this village.


Brave you are for sharing this hekaya.

There are no Indians in this hekaya

This is no specific topic with Indians, you can find incest in all cultures.

Indians do that freely…

when did this turn to ‘indians’

This is retarded