How I dryfried a married kikuyu woman.

She visited our office with some funny inquiries. She had no car. I just took her to a hotel then of course to a lunchtime lodging. So nice. I hope she got pregnant. I am feeling good. To add insult to the injury, managed to get her hubby’s number. Called him ‘hi sir, I thought we’ve met before. Can we meet for a business deal’? Of course after his wifey had left. We met …a burly man but with five tuskers, he showed me a photo of his wife that I had f*cked three hours before. I felt so nice. Nothing as good as dryfrying somebody’s wife then meeting with her dude. I feel like 25. At least that’s what i felt. No like all of you cowards who’re PhDs in that wanking game.
I am a hero. Now, August is general election so another victory. Sooooooooooooo nice!!!

Wake up from your wet dream.

and then you woke up from your dream and beat your meat with ARIMIS!SHENJI

Your age mates are busy reading the classified section(s) of the dailies with red pen in hand circling tel numbers of plots for sale and u are here hallucinating --smh

And special greetings to the dry fry artist the only one @uwesmake. She was a momo. Will hook you up with her. Let’s dryfry them all.

Jama is on revenge mission baada kukamuliwa bibi @Ice_Cube leta link za Karl max kukamuliwa bibi dfhkmbl

some of us wamekula close to all 42 tribes nahatusumbui--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> keti huko

so what have you gained in doing so?

:eek::eek::eek::confused::confused::confused::confused:…you felt like 25 and a hero for mixing cums? ……a burly man but with five tuskers, he showed me a photo of his wife that I had f*cked three hours before…who he had also fucked 2 hours before you. Yaani…ama wacha tu:eek::eek:

:D:eek::eek::eek::D:D Munyau trying to go undercover

Humbwer takata kasia

People here ignore Mosa for less juvenile posts.
Grow up Karl Marx.

@Purple @Deorro zima hii imposter.

Riri ni eatner

Man up and get over your past…Do you actually think you are the only one who has gone through shit in life? I know of men who have had it worse than you and they don’t go around being petty.

ni bibi yako ndiye alimangwa

@karl marx Bado hujafika Uganda?

kutomba a married kikuyu woman si big deal, in fact its a requirement

Somebody Will do that to you .just hold you horse !

even the shit heads in kamiti do the same with the dailies.