How husbands push their wives to affairs

Am a married woman for 9yrs now though I got married early because am now 26yrs.My husband is good in providing,he will provide anything we want the only thing we lack is him.He started this from the word go even before I gave birth to my firstborn son.He started by coming home in wee hours and because he doesn’t want to be asked where he is coming from anakua mviolent to an extent ananichapa.Iliendelea hivyo hadi nkapata second born that time round a gal,hapo ndio maisha yake yakulala nje ata weekdays ilishika moto,alikua hadi analala kwa club namabeshty zake.Nabado anakuja kuanza vita over nothing just juu humuulizi n mind you ukimuuliza nishinda.Niliiishi maisha mzuri bila amani.One day back in 2018 June tukakosana juu he came that morning akanislap nikaamua kwenda kuishi na cousin yangu pamoja nawatoto wangu I had saved enough. After two months beshte yangu akawa na dowry nkampeleka kwa ile gari niliwekwa kulikua najamaa akaenda tyu akinikatia mdogomdogo tukirudi nkampea number,tulipitia bypass tukakunywa ndio huyu driver akanifikisha wakaenda ,vyenye niliambia cousin yangu akaniambia usijifunge navyenye uko nastress,so huyo mtu aliishi kunisumbua but sijiskii,ikafika DEC bado tukipanga kumeet napeana excuses, Feb ikafika hubby akaenda kwetu tukaongea Mimi nkarudi but hakuacha kulala na upuzi zingine nkaboeka,Ndio sasa nkaitikia kwenda kuona yule MTU.From hapo tukameet times to times mchana because he is also married sorry to say,but yeye hufikiria bado sijawai rudi but we are close nahubby plus I lied to him he comes times to times kuona watoto so kwangu hawezi kuja.Kutoka hio Feb hadi waleo huyo mtu ndie my source of happiness,he gives me peace,he takes care of me like am single because he still thinks I am.I love him I won’t say he doesn’t love me because his actions proves better,my marriage is still standing because of him,my husband have never changed but he stopped being violent because I careless. I regret nothing despite him being married and in a relationship with a married man juu hajawai kosa kulala kwake juu yangu,yeye nimtu wakuwork out of Nairobi most of the times so ata kuonana ningumu we only talk on phone. Sometimes hua naona watu wakisema cjui bibi yafulani ako nafulani nasema ata sitaongea because there is a story behind.what made be decide to have affair outside he brought a woman in my house while I went to take care of his sickling mother.

Foolish woman, that man is giving you trinkets for your puthy… Virusi will be your reward.

Okay I can’t see anything wrong there sinc

I think nobody can blame you for that as long as you always ensure using protection. Again you couldn’t be at someone’s hostage. Aai the husband is living to the fullest why should you survive. Me if I will unfair to my wife when I marry, I will only blame myself, if you can’t sexually sustain her, your liaring to yourself, she will go out and get a good f*** na wa kaa na makai yako ukimkazia. By the way I’m a good friend to many women what I came to learn women cheat than men but it is terribly hard to catch them.

Bibi ya wenyewe achana na yeye, moto ya kuotea mbaaaallllliiiiiiiiii

This happens and more often recently. I receive alot of such in my inbox. Women need a voice.

This is why new HIV infections will remain higher among married folk than among gey men and sex workers combined. Even the new guy she’s with who works out of town has more gfs than her husband and these married folk never use CDs. It’s just a matter of time they will all be positive. I dunno how people reason. If your spouse starts using meth will you go start using meth? Living wreck less bcz someone isn’t treating you right isn’t smart. These men who work in different towns from their families are very promiscuous. She should have considered herself lucky that she isn’t exposed to disease through her husband and focused on her kids. The only bad thing was the abuse. Looking for love in men is highly overrated. They just pretend to care to get in a woman’s panties. She should not mistake it for love. When he infects her and his wife and all his other mipangos, she’ll be broken. She actually thinks he’s saving her. LOL. Women!!!

Only a crazy feminist like Truman capote would justify this crap. Hikyo kimama kimechanganyikiwa tu hivyo. Akioa hiyo ndume alijua inakunywaga na inapenda hepi. Her two brain cells told her she was so important something would change one day. Maybe the guy found out na anakamua bibi ya hiyo jamaa

Marriage in this century is a terrible move for any man. Vile bwanake amechoka na pussy yake and all her shenanigans is the same way mpango wa kando amechoka na bibi yake. MGTOW=Freedom from all these bs

NV badilisha hiyo picha yako kabla nikuitanie kwa admean

It’s because they know the program of the husband. It’s also easier to deal with a man unlike a cheating husband who has to work hard to seduce a woman.

But you can still catch a cheating woman anyway. One thing that women can not do is to fake their body language. Women are very emotional creatures and you can easily tell when things are not well

My big bro alikuwa anakula bibi ya wenyewe…Huyo jamaa alihire goons…msee alipigwa kupigwa…Unnecessary drama.Heri hata ulipe pokoste.

Leta hekaya

Is it against the policies of this group to put such a profile Pic… Advise if so I will change not a big deal.

That’s a fully nude photo

The facts that you stayed even after he showed signs if violence at the beginning negates every justification you would otherwise claim for philandering. You are crap… You brought this upon your sorry self.

Women are used to faking orgasms. Sasa if you can’t even tell its a fake orgasm which body language will you be able to read. Actually when women are cheating they are happier and in better moods and behavior so it will be hard for you to tell things are not well. Women are very smart wakiweka emotions kando. Smarter than men by far. Ask me, I get away from Kenyan money hungry cops all the time without any bribe, show me a man amewachikiwa na Kenyan cops without bribe. God did not make women the mother for nothing. Amewajazia akili chungu mzima. Women are very bright. Yaani hakuna mtu bright in this world kama mwanamke akiacha kukalia akili yake.

Well… My conclusion is: The Opposite Is Also True! If you see a man who avoids being home or gets into an affair, the cause is the woman at home…

Ukimwi je?

Let’s take responsibility for the actions we take. When I was a kid I got angry with my folks nikaenda nikanunua sigara. Satan is real. I smoked about 2 puffs ikanishinda. That night I was SICK like nothing. So who suffered? Wenye walinikasirikisha au mimi? Sleeping around nowadays is a death sentence. When you get HIV huko nje it’s not your wife or husband who will be sick. Let’s not jump out of the fire into the frying pan.