How HIV Was Brought To Africa Through Vaccine

The most detailed investigation of the origins of the AIDS epidemic yet conducted has concluded that the most likely route by which HIV entered the human population was via early trials of polio vaccines in Africa.
Science journalist Edward Hooper spent ten years investigating the origins of the epidemic, and spoke to more than 600 researchers and clinicians involved in the 1950s polio vaccine studies and in the care of the earliest AIDS patients in Africa, North America and Europe.
He now believes that the most likely explanation for the cross-over of HIV from monkeys to humans was the contamination of an experimental oral polio vaccine called CHAT, developed during the 1950s by Dr Hilary Koprowski at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. The vaccine was been grown in chimpanzee kidney cells, and Hooper believes that SIVcpz, the primate immunodeficiency virus closest to HIV, was able to contaminate some lots of the vaccine. He supports his argument by an extremely detailed investigation of the origins of monkey tissue used in vaccine production at the time, and a correlation of the towns and districts in which vaccination was carried out with the emergence of AIDS in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He also debunks many of the cases described as early AIDS cases from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, to show convincingly that HIV first began to infect humans and cause illness in the 1960s in the Congo and Central Africa.

In an editorial on September 3, The New Scientist endorsed Hooper’s call for an international enquiry into the possibility that oral polio vaccines were contaminated in this way, calling on the World Health Organisation to test vaccine stocks still held on ice by the Wistar Institute and a research institute in Sweden.

They call it the “Unspoken Tragedy of 20th Century Medicine.” As they were trying to eradicate one disease, the vaccine inadvertently created another one.

Zaire was one of the areas where a test for the Polio vaccine was being conducted in the 50s. Some tests were also being run using apes in South America, others using apes in India etc. It was a race to see which trials would yield the fastest and best results. Eventually, the Zaire trials were the most promising.

The successful vaccine, cultured from local chimpanzee kidneys, inadvertently carried SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, prevalent but harmless in many primates), which mutated into HIV in humans. There was either negligence or lack of proper lab technology then, to ascertain that the vaccine cultures didn’t carry unwanted pathogens.

2 million Congolese were guinea pigs in the 50s for this new polio vaccine but they were unknowingly and tragically carrying and spreading a new deadly virus, which would become a global pandemic in a few decades’ time…

The documentary below has been pulled down from YT more than 5 times. Mpaka walichoka. They say the truth hurts… But the truth shall set us free:

The Americans also knowingly infected 1000s of Blacks with Syphilis in Tuskegee Alabama. The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was a clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service. The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the African American men in the study were only told they were receiving free health care from the Federal government of the United States. The experiment was conducted and documented for 40 year

@T.Vercetti ,come look at this.

Lest we forget, the world is at a standstill, waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine.

Since this corona thing inawaliza sana, They are going to use all available resources to find a cure. They are already claiming to have a vaccine, its only the appropriate tests that are remaining.

Madness, why do some people behave like they will live forever, as if they are more humans than others. How do they fail to connect with the suffering of their fellow humans.

Let me dwell on Tuskegee which everyone knows about.

In the 1910s there was a test to see the effects on syphillis on white males. There was a determined effort to finally find a cure for syphillis in the new century.

In those days testing on human subjects was not 100% taboo!

In the 1920s they decided to do a similar test on African males . The govt. contacted Tuskegee University a black university.

Some professors there refused. One professor Eugine Dibble convinced the university board that the university will benefit from govt. funding and be put on the world map on the research into a cure for syphillis.

The university relented. Unfortunately the depression hit the U.S. hard. People were starving.

Research funding died. The mzungu government of the day abandoned the research program. The university went on researching despite there being a cure discovered in 1932.

The subjects were never treated or told the truth of what they were injected with until much later.

You must also understand that in the 1930s medicine was still in the infancy stage.

Many senior doctors were more or less glorified witch doctors who had trained in the 1800s.

Treatment ilikuwa pata potea. Ni kujaribu tu. Ukikufa too bad, you died for science.

Always emphasized this, that black people, the race needs to wake up and get a “seat” at the high table. Where your sentiments will matter.

Black people as a whole are consumed by mundane things, primitive accumulation, lack of foresight and leadership, ingenuity. The list is endless. This is replicated around the globe.

Take Kenya for example. Moi, Biwott, Saitoti stole so much money thinking they would haul it to the afterlife. We currently have one murderous LootAll that is following in their footsteps. To what end?

Africans lack that foresight for the future. Trying to conquer and bequeath your future generations with a better country, continent than you found it.

Until that day they realize this truth, don’t blame anyone for them being “guinea pigs”.

I always say this and I will never get tired of saying it.
Never, Never will white man care about black man’s problems. It’s only when they see it fit to benefit their own will they come here, giving out the most plastic of smiles.
This time, Africans should delve into their own expertise. Tap into herbal medicine. Tap into our scientists. Tap into our institutions. No foreign funding.
Because surely, how can we be convinced that the HIV was not knowingly spread, after reading the blatant neglect for care on testing on our brothers in Zaire.
Africa should NOT be a guinea pig this time round.

What Africa needs in benevolent dictatorship and not these populists like Singh, Konyagi, et alia.
Someone with balls like Hitler’s to boldly institute reforms, rein in on corruption and crush the chains of neocolonialism that binds the black man.

This time let them test on their own.
Wakikufa, too bad, they died for science.
Wakipata, good, we’ll gladly use it.

These are the problems that come when you use your universities as lauch pads for future slay queens instead of using them as research hubs.

All the developed nations became wealthy from university research. All of them. (Except the communists who are experts at stealing research.)

The internet was born in a university. The nuclear bomb was born in a campus etc.

I have never understood how the Kenyan leadership cannot see the common sense in that.

But instead our very best brains… Kenya’s most important asset, our most beautiful brains all got scholarships to go to MIT, Harvad, Stanford etc. Wings to fly and such.

Brain drain. The mzungu knows that you can have gold, diamonds or even oil in your soils but the most important resource are the youth and their brains.

Some universities like Havard have research endowments that can rival a small country. They have billions to conduct research and for scholarships.

Why don’t they test it in their country? Si they have black Americans and Britons? . this thing is not fatal to kienyeji blacks . Gates and Ford want to cull the black population let’s reject this specific trial

Do not be fooled and sell this false narrative. People, including blacks na Kenyans that have died and are dying. This thing is real.

What Africans need is to take responsibility for their problems and not give just one person ‘benevolent dictator’ the job to save them

Politicians are scared of an educated population

But africans, chinese and south americans have been eating monkeys before the polio vaccine, how come they were never infected with HIV virus

So HIV was not from humans shagging monkeys? Dumb it down for me priss,was it manufactured?