How German WW2 Technology Helped Seed the World's Greatest Advancements

The Second World War was one of the most destructive periods in human history. But, from a technological point of view, the build-up to the war and its aftermath were one of the most fruitful periods in technological development to date.

Did The U.S. ever steal German technology?
The answer is a definitive yes. We’ll detail some important examples later on in this article, but there is an interesting historical example.

In the later 1890s, the United States and the Kingdom of Spain went to war in what is now called the Spanish-American War of 1898. The conflict was triggered, so to speak, by an explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in Cuba that led to U.S. military intervention in the Cuban War of Independence.

What German inventions were adopted by the Allies after WW2?

[li]Night vision[ATTACH=full]460380[/ATTACH][/li]
[li]Long range Guided Missiles[ATTACH=full]460382[/ATTACH][/li][li][SIZE=4]Jet engine [/SIZE][SIZE=4] was first introduced by the Germans, but not technically invented by them[/SIZE][/li]
[li]Methamphetamine[/li][li]Paratroopers[/li][li]Stealth Bomber and Flying wing technology[/li][li]Fanta[/li][li]Type XXI submarine[/li][/ol]

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invention yetu isukuti ni ya which year?

Stealth bomber the blue print was stolen from Hitler kept secret until 1990 is when they launched the plane

True. Germans even designed the technology for both The USSR and the USA’s space race antics.

Germans upto now still run the show, undercover! I would guess 60% of any industry has got German footprints