How Gashwin proposed to Guru

40 years ago our resident English teacher Mwalimu @gashwin proposed to his villager sweetheart Wairimu also known as @Guru .
The proposal took place next to a coffee plantation deep in Muranga county. Gashui went down on one knee and asked Guru to marry him, with tears rolling down her cheeks, Guru said yes.
Mwarimu gashwin had to sell 8 of his dictionaries to be able to afford the ten goats dowry asked by @Guru 's parents.
[SIZE=3]A rare picture of the proposal ring[/SIZE]

that avocado is quality! very small seed. Gashwin got taste

niaje caddy mkuu?

kumbe Gashui ni light skin

Gashui = M2random ??:eek:

Honored that someone expended his creative juices…:D:D:D:D:D:D


Heshima muhimu kwa Mzee.


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And it come to be that they lived happily ever after. :):slight_smile:

@gashwin uliuzia @Chloe hizo kamusi?

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@Guru has an amazing avocado


sadly they are just gathering dust in the store…

huyu NV D minor amejuaje Guru Na Gash were village sweethearts?

In marriage, you will come about so many distractions but unless you focus on your purpose, one can easily stray. It’s good to endure and work together for a common good.

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cheza chini nani. hii maneno ya caddy ilipea mdhi retirement.