How French millionaire became beggar in Kenya

"A 60-year old French national has narrated the ordeal she has been going through after losing Sh25 Million to conmen in Kenya.

Roselyne Toth, who now roams on the streets begging for food, came to Kenya in 2010 with the aim of investing in a hotel after selling all her property in France.

After arriving in Maralal town, Samburu County, Toth met her boyfriend who persuaded her that the town was the best place for such a venture.

The boyfriend introduced Toth to a contractor and they struck a Sh6.2 Million building contract.

The contractor demanded more money which accumulated to Sh6.9 Million before he started the work in 2013 just before the General Election.

Ms Toth claims that hell broke loose when she refused to give the contractor an addition amount of Sh300,000 which he was demanding.

“He came here one morning with his workers and collected all the tiles, stones, doors, windows and cement. I later learnt that he sold the materials in his hardware in Maralal Town,” Toth was quoted by Citizen Digital.

In an attempt to recover her money, she sought the services of one Mr Letambul whom she paid Sh7 Million for legal services to pursue the contractor.

To her disbelief, Toth later discovered that Mr Letambul was a con man and that he had disappeared with all her money.

She also revealed that she hired another lawyer from Nyandarua County whom she paid Sh 1 Million to file a case against the contractor. They filed the case in Nakuru but he later disappeared after getting a job in Nyandarua County.

Toth is now pleading with the Government to help her recover the money she lost and achieve her dream of owning a hotel in Kenya."

NB: Women past 30 years, there are no boyfriends for you. You are no longer attractive so just join mother’s union. Any young man you dream of will just be after your money. Same to men, but at least men know that it is a business transaction from the onset, not love. So they are less vulnerable.

Huyo mjinga alitoa wapi 25milli in the 1st place

Alikuja nayo from majuu. Sold property. Probably inherited the property. Naskianga such women ni wengi sana huko coast. There are also some men, white men.

Angeenda Rwanda angekuwa mbali sana

Imagine being broke at 60:(. Below 50 years hata ukakuwa zero unaweza jijenga and survive. Hata kuma akiwa 60 hawezi uzia mtu to survive. Kazi hawezi ajiriwa. Her goose is pretty much cooked.

25m - (6.9m+7m+1m)= 10.1m
Bado amebaki na kumi.

Not really . Akirudi kwao, they do have safety nets that helps people who arent able to make ends meet . All she needs is air ticket, then atapata subsidized housing , free food and a social worker to help stand on 2 feet . Hawa watu huwanga wamejipanga my friend

Maybe alibonda na huyo boyfriend. Vacation hapa, trips pale etc. Point is hako nazo sasa.

Nasema ukiwa Kenya, you are doomed if broke at 60. Kwanza she probably has no relatives (obviously) and she is thousands of kilometers from home, in a foreign country.

Kuna daily expenses tangu all those years

Oooh sawa. I get you

Pension most likely and disposing off property. 25 m is like 200,000 euros.

huyo hawezi saidika. her name defines her character…TOTHI

Unfortunately, most single women, and a few single men believe that they can find true and genuine love at 60:D

yani umeelezewa na huoni… It seems umetoka wakanda

most of the white people whom you see here engaging with our kienyeji chicks are loosers and of questionable characters back in their home country. which sane person can invest in samburu county as his first venture?

Alafu paying a strange lawyer to represent her instead of reporting the matter to her embassy and the consulate would have helped. TOTHI

Who the ferk pays 7 million in legal costs to recover 6.9 million?!?!

She was blindly in love and for sure the heart preceded the brain. Nothing is as dangerous as a woman madly and blindly in love .

He he he! Kuwa mpole.

o_OFAKE mbicha au rink iko wapi