How fast was your last rejection?

Found this on the twitter streets, and the replies to the thread are also quite hillarious.


The worst huwa wale who say nothing, there are jobs you apply for na unajua umetick each and every requirement so you know at least you will get to the interviews, wapi! Itakuwa ni kama CV yako haikufika

My last rejection was surprisingly fast. it went something like this
Me: I like you Sharon let’s be more than friends.
Sharon: Hahaha haiya uko serious?
Me: Yes I like you
Sharon: I think you are weird and I already have a boyfriend. Please don’t call me again.
Hio siku alibadilisha relationship status on facebook from single to in a relationship na akaweka picha za boyfriend wake

Met during lunch hour,coffee date on the same evening kesho yake she not picking time wasting

Kuna moja niliitwa hadi interview…till date sijajua vile kulienda but I got the message by the silence.

Hahaha pole

Aliweka ya Obado, Oyamo au Obados son?

Tiga guthekerera maniii

Yangu ilikua madam fulani who was slightly older than me…For two or so weeks she was constantly placing herself on my path but na mlenga. ilikifika wakati nikaona amezidi nikajichocha nikamuaproach nikamuuliza kweni anataka aje? Immediately she looked at me from head toe akanishow i dont do fuck boys na akajitoa.
I think she was baiting me.Bure kabisa i have never felt that deflated .

walenga,walengwa na walenguzwi hawajawai on a mwanaume analia ako single but as4 Tha ladies…

I love it when they call me, rehearse a speech to let me down gently…and I am like …‘not to worry the feeling is mutual but thanks for saving my data in your bank.’ I have never been let down by HR for a job that I so wanted. Pia mimi huwa nimesoma the sign of the times mid interview nanajua sitaki hiyo job in all of 15 mins but I cannot walk out of an interview! so I carry on.

The last one was hilarious. I had 3 interviews in the same Dept but diff Directorates…so 2 nilijua ‘I don’t want to work with you’…3rd I loved the interviewers sana so decided I am accepting the offer if they dish it. On the bus on my way home recruiters called me…I said I am taking offer 3…it has lasted 1 and a half years all the way from a 3 month contract. Loved it and learnt a hell of a lot.

:D:D:D:Dhappened to me back in campus days. She was bigger and very tall. Let me say i had crush. Now one evening am taking a walk and i bumped on her nikasema hapa lazima.

Kumsimamisha, Intro but she didnt even say a word. looked at me from head to toe, akashake kichwa kama amejitoa.

mine was a marketing job last December…they gave a certain girl my position and told me that the nature of the job required her.
sikumind lakini,I FERKED the chic after telling her that i had given up my position because of her beauty,G-G.

I called a certain company I got a lead. Introduced myself and what I do then the guy straight up said, “I’m not interested.”
Not one to give up easily I asked why not. He went on, "am just not interested in your product. "
Needless to say, I sat in a corner and reflected for 20 minutes. I had just received the most honest answer in my business.

Kwani unauza nini?

:D:D:D:D:D:Domwami nawewe ni slayking kumbe pia mnakataliwanga

GNLD ama AIM Global toothpaste?

The moment they see my big penis, but once in a while I meet size-queens .

:D:D:DLazima ujue ku move on buda

buda kwani unauza zile vitabu za jehovah witness