How fascist are you?

According to Umberto Eco, there are 14 major defining features of fascism, and the more of them you have, the more fascist-y you are.

  1. A cult of tradition, often appealing to and combining “ancient truths,” generally mystical, from various incompatible sources (e.g. Augustine, Stonehenge, Atlantis, etc.).

  2. A rejection of modernism, blaming the rationalistic and democratic spirit of the Enlightenment as destroying human spirit and making us depraved and weak, instead embracing “irrationalism.”

  3. A cult of action, praising action for its own sake without critical reflection and anti-intellectual.

  4. Viewing disagreement as treason, devaluing discourse out of fear that critical analysis will expose its syncretistic faith.

  5. A fear of difference, exploiting racist and xenophobic tendencies.

  6. Appealing to the middle class, emphasizing national identity to unite this group, and frightening them threats from the “elites” humiliating them and the poor overthrowing them.

  7. Obsessed with plots, hyping up the enemy threat, both within and without, often combined with xenophobia (e.g. Jews).

  8. Casting enemies as both weak and powerful. The enemy elites are powerful enough to wrong and humiliate you, but feeble enough that the fascist can conquer them easily.

  9. Viewing life as permanent warfare. Pacifism is siding with the enemy. This is a problem for the fascist, who wants to simultaneously claim that life is never-ending war, and that their party will “win” that war.

  10. A contempt for the weak, played up in a popular elitism and hierarchy, where every member is superior to outsiders by virtue of being on the “inside.”

  11. A death cult of heroism, turning the hero from exceptional to ordinary, and making violent death something to be craved. Impatient for death, they quickly send others to their death.

  12. Machismo, pushing the taste for warfare into the sexual sphere through sexism and intolerance of sexual deviation, paired with phallic weaponry.

  13. Selectively populist, claiming to represent “the People” as a common unified will, of which the Leader is the interpreter since there is no such single will, and delegitimizing their rivals as not representing the “true Voice of the People.” Fascism undermines democratic institutions as illegitimate.

  14. Newspeak, promoting a highly simplified and impoverished vocabulary, limiting criticism.

0/14 for me, I support none of these beliefs and pride myself as an anarchist communist.

I can see Uhuru being 7-8/14 and 14/14 for Trump

Most politicians fall in

I think that I’m not a racist, but internationalist and very progressive. I think that all people are equal and borders that divide us are not natural and there should be fraternity of nations and all people. I’m sure that I have liberal views and can recognize a different point of view …