How ex-Nation investigative reporter minted millions at Interior, Roads Ministries.


Reports have emerged of how a former Nation Media Group investigative reporter Vincent Achuka made millions of shillings through shadowy deals at the Ministries of Interior and Roads in former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.

A highly placed source told us that Achuka is a person of interest to the Kenya Revenue Authority and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

We have been reliably been informed that such dark operations formed the basis for Achuka’s dismissal by NMG’s Human Resource department last December.

Achuka (right) and Justus Wanga
According to the reports, Achuka, who earned a meagre salary of Sh 150,000 per Month formed a cartel of fellow Journalists and colleagues, some at his former work station, whom through his connections to former Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangí from his Abagusii community minted millions of shillings from his Ministry through supply of “air” and irregular contracts in exchange for protection by Daily Nation and its entire brands.
Achuka, who is said to have fallen out with some of his former colleagues who believe he hoodwinked them and benefited from huge chunks of money at their expense in the Ruaraka land deal among other multibillion scandals at the Interior ministry has reportedly put up a Sh 1 billion home at Zimmerman along Kamiti road in Nairobi.
The palatial home that sits on a three-acre piece of land, his guests say is a reflection of a mini State House, complete with a helipad and all that comes with the trappings of power.
The dark-grey gates manned by private security guards complete with white German shepherds, and the imposing security lights at the entrance are what can be seen from the outside.
It is surrounded by a well-manicured hedge and an electric fence.
“He has on several occasions displayed the home, playing around with his beasts in a show of opulence and power for his perceived detractors and those who care to see to have a glimpse oblivious of the risks involved amid President William Ruto’s directive to KRA to pounce on such characters,” a source close to Achuka confided to us
Achuka (left) before his dark deals
The source further added that Achuka, apart from his magnificent home, has acquired different state-of-the art vehicles including a Porshe, Range Rover, Mercedez Benz, Toyota Prado and a Subaru which he cruises on with friends and skimpily dressed yellow-yellow girls across the country at the slightest opportunity for an off-duty break.
Apart from the other machines he owns which he acquired courtesy of his shadowy deals at the Interior Ministry, Achuka is said to have acquired the Porshe from the Roads Ministry during Cabinet Secretary James Macharia’s tenure.

His life drastically changed between 2018 and 2022 after he engaged himself in the perceived lucrative underworld activities .
“The Porshe vehicles were two in number and the second one was given to one of his friends cum colleague whom he leaked a sensitive document from the Ministry to in a bid to fleece Macharia of money,” the source revealed.
He said that Achuka who has now opened a blog named has reportedly fallen out with some of his key allies and ex colleagues who have accused him of using his blog at their detriment as they are now being accused of being his main sources of information at Daily Nation.
Some of the stories Achuka has penned in the blog have been said to border on character assassination, with NMG said to be contemplating taking legal action against him and publishing his mug shot complete with details that the public should seize dealing with him on any issues touching on the company.
Achuka (stripped blue Tshirt)
“He is said to be using his NMG card to solicit for stories from news sources which he now publishes on his blog and the company is contemplating putting a public notice on the newspaper to alert unsuspecting news sources from sharing any information with him on pretext that he will publish them in the Daily Nation and NMG’s other products.”

Nimefika One billion home.

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what is happening in laascanood?

:smiley: in Zimmerman…hapo ndio nimewachia pia.

This is how land prices are kept artificially high

By the way it is a serious crisis. Working in media is shit. You do a story and an editor kills it because anajuana na cartels. There is one journalist that was doing PR for Waiguru and he also made a killing during the scandals. He is now a billionaire.

I guess you are talking about Mwaniki Munuhe. Alikuwa pia anakula Waigush. He was suspended though

Another one is Mutuma Mathiu was bought a Prado V8 by the Uhuru deep state. He became very unprofessional, he had to be shown the door.

One billion Kshs house huko Zimmerman ? degree muhimu sana .

Maybe lako Thome Estate.
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Ukifuatilia how poorly written and researched this article is, utashuku hata ati ni maadui wa Achuka ndio wameandika. Hio home ya 1 birrions sasa ndio ipi? Ama ni hii ya KTalk mbirrionaires kama rollout? :D:D:D

Tukisema watu watafute degree za maana mnaanza kusema vile degree haina maana.

No land is bought and 1B homes built by hardworking doctors, NGO workers and under 30’s working online

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