How easy is it to get into Banking systems networks?

IT security is very expensive and with the limited budget allocated to the IT department, my guess they will not prioritize so much on their security. How easy is it to get into such systems? Anyone with experience?

RATs mostly

in the banking industry, IT is very well funded, if you doubt this, dig up the stats on how much they spend to upgrade to T24. The IT security geeks in the banks are also very well paid

Social engineering

Very easy



Do you really expect to get any meaningful information from this open media? Or its just theoretical?

@pamba iko @suspect hapa.

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You mean the sarcasm was lost?

Unataka tu hack microfinance gani??

Its Not hard its all a matter ofnyour dedication and how you beleive yourself… Do your reconing usiku na mchana for sure youl find a hole.

With managers like @uwesmake at the helm at these banks, nothing is impossible for the determined black hat.

These systems can only be hacked if you can find your way into an employee’s machine, infect it, and your worm infiltrates the server when they connect to the work network (That is if the Server is located at their Head Office)

If it’s a remote server at a data-center, give up now.

But as we know, they aren’t stupid to leave their machines unsecured, open unknown links or attachments. So back to square one.

They are not well funded.

Also, t24 is for core banking and is not a security application. Jesus!


Actually some have public facing ip’s so I don’t know what you are talking about.

well, if you only deal with tellers you wouldn’t know, please do your research, or ask and you will be told

kwani what did you want secured? the doors? the Core is everything

all have public facing IPs otherwise you wouldnt be able to do online banking