How doing get rid of these spamming?

Kameme FM and Gukena FM Radio stations are relentless in sending me spam messages like this one:

You have received 300,000 from GUKENA FM

Imagine getting this message@3PM

NI RAHISI>Mpesa 99 PAYBILL: 777382 ACC: G


I have blocked these messages by dialling 4569*5# on the safaricon line but they keep coming through even late in the night. Mind you I never participated in any Gukena/kameme shit so I don’t know how they got my number. Does safaricon have a hand in this?
This is just too much…

Hio *456# is a very useless thing. Hizo spam zinapenya kwanza wana tumia underscore “_” and you won’t block… Just tumia blocker ya simu sio ya network.

Problem ni unablock moja,mbili zinaingia.

These games of milking peasants their hard earned money should be stopped.Whereas they know they call one of their own behind the studio

Data in today’s world is more valuable than oil. Safaricom owns a lot of data, and they make money from it. Hapa Kenya wao ni kama Google. If you’re Kameme or Gukenia, you can approach the telco and pay for “SMS marketing” for a specific demographic (e.g 25 to 50-year-old males from central Kenya who like attending mugithi events, drive Probox/pickup/Canter, and follow Uhuru Kenyarra). They have all this info. They won’t admit any time soon that they sell it to third parties, but that’s what happens.

Si kuna day walikua wanaoanga kuuza location data. Sijui kulindaje na iyo mpango. Safaricom to monetise customer location data – Nairobi News

Yaani hii mjamaa inauliza swali Kama hii. No wonder himself cannot moderate spam on this forum.

We are kwinished

If Safcom *100#…
Since those promotions have > 20 different numbers, you must be persistent in blocking until you exhaust all of them.

Vile @Shuma mre dani… amesema: Android SMS app has the option to block and report spam numbers and senders. Mimi huwa sipati any SMS marketing chieth. I had even blocked the SAFARICOM (it’s in full caps) promotional messages but they unblocked themselves.

NB: The essential Safaricom messages are sent with capitalised S and lower case for the other letters.

I do not think adroid has that tool to block even stupid service providers messages, Truecaller mambo yote, it sends them to spam folder and you are not notified. At your freetime you go select all and delete them at once.

Truecaller is the ultimate data miner.