how does your savings, investment expenditure look like

For those with steady monthly incomes from employment or business or side-hustles, how/where do you invest , save , spend ??

20% savings from direct earnings. Use separate capital for investments.

usikule direct kutoka kwa mshahara. survive na passive income only. sleep 8 hours, work for your employer 8 hours, work on your side hustles 8 hours.

doesn’t work

Have been getting slightly over 100K from monthly income. My target has been to save at least 50k or worse 40k a month. So far in the past two months have achieved this. I minimized monthly expenditure by prioritizing things and kupunguza raha. My long term goal is to use the cumulative Savings after certain period to anzisha biashara. Still thinking of biashara will venture into, was thinking of agribusiness but still doing my research.

where are you saving ? in a sacco ,bank?

admirable, but is it practical esp 8hrs of side - hustle?

Bank. Niko Kwa sacco bado, nimeweka the min you can save uko which is 3k a month. So hio ya Sacco itakuwa pesa mzuri maybe after 5 years

si lazima uwe kwa ground io 8 hours, ukitumia lunch break kumake calls kwa wateja…one hour morning kutafta suppliers cheaper…2 hours jioni kwa ground kuangalia vitabu na mahesabu…ivo tu

For over 250k earnings, you can save half of it in a fixed account where you’ll get atleast 7.5% interest p.a and invest a quarter in business ventures such as buying small parcels of land for speculation or shares. You can easily survive on 60k a month even if you have a family. Bora you stick to a strict budget. Do this for 5 years straight and you won’t need that employment anymore. Utakuwa one of the famous ktalk mbirrionaires :D:D:D

Hii sio swali ya kuuliza sisi January bana

Please think very long and hard before you commit. Most people work tirelessly but don’t seem to get anywhere because they feel it’s a must to “start a business.” The best investments are passive in nature; agribusiness is not.

Savings are for the poor…a smart man will never leave liquid money somewhere waiting to accumulate…let money work for you…not the other way round

Examples of passive investment?